June 24, 2014

Lucy goes the extra mile to make things right. They listen to what I say and though I have not found my Mrs. Right I am well on my way. Lucy does a great, outstanding, job. She works hard and listens to me. I would highly recommend them and my matchmaker Lucy.


**Wine is a generous gift from Mike's personal winery**


June 24, 2014

I've been part of Cali Singles since January, and I have to admit, it has taken them awhile to find quality matches for me. This was not necessarily a bad thing though.  I have met some very good quality people with this organization, many people that you don't really get to meet in every-day life, especially if you are career oriented.  I can honestly say that even though they were not exactly my match, that we had a fun and an interesting date. And, I'm not talking about your generic sit across the table and bla bla bla date about life and the pursuit of one's happiness.  I'm talking about Kayaking, Zip-Lining, Scooter rides through SF, Savannah Channel on a Friday night type of dates.  Interesting people seem to migrate to great places to meet other interesting people.

As far as the staff goes, and yes it is a call center, Donni, Marie, and Megan have treated me with the greatest attention and respect that one in their position could offer.  

I am very satisfied with their service, knowledge, and passion of being single and trying to find the right person for your life.  I know sometime it could be discouraging for us as clients to be matched with someone that we're not interest in for whatever reason, but at least you find out over dating exactly what you want and exactly who you want.  I tell my gurls every time we speak, " thank you for spending the time to help me better define myself and who exactly I am looking for ".


June 21, 2014

Dear Marie,
Thank you for a match with Jason, I think thus far, from our short lunch, we are compatible in many ways. Things I liked about him: he is very physically attractive, fit and perfect height 👀🍭. He is easy to talk to, funny, projects energy as a person so knows what he wants, approach-full, kind, seems to be willing to share personal and professional stories, he has good on the table / off the table manners, he follows through, and seems to respect my time. He also expressed interest to hear about my child, which is very important to me! We briefly talked about activities and found to have some similar hobby interests.
I have to express how happy I have been working with you, you understand me as a mother and as a woman, it appears I do not have to explain myself too much and you understand my basic needs / wants and what I am looking for! Thank you
Yes, I am confirming that for now, I d like to place things on hold, until Jason and I meet a few more times and see where things go.
Gracefully appreciative, 

June 21, 2014

Hello Megan,

I am putting my account on hold and spending time with Lisa. Lisa and I aligned in so many areas all the way down to our nationalities. She is honest, caring, great sense of humor, great personality and on top of all that as beautiful outside as she is inside. I could not imagine a better match!

Megan was awesome, she really has had a true interest in making a match for me. Thank you all for your efforts!

Warm regards,

June 21, 2014

Megan, I would like to congrats all of you who had anything to do with my introduction to Ken.  Anthony my time with you made my enrollment most enjoyable, your the greatest!
Life is good! Ken has come into my life so now life has become great!   Yes, my 1st intro was a success.  Ken and I are so enjoying are bonding and feel so fortunate that our lives have come together.
Your matchmaking has brought a new dimension to our lives!  We are looking forward to wear our journey will take us.  So I will say I'm on what you call "Happy Hold" and we will go forward from there! 
I will stay in touch and "Thank You"!

June 19, 2014

Lucy - per our conversation, Mike and I had a great time.  We had been talking/texting as I went on vacation for a week after the initial phone call, and all conversations were positive.  Little "flirty" statements ended our conversations.  Mike is very handsome, considerate, funny, and VERY MUCH A GENTLEMAN! He owns a winery and was very helpful in pairing the perfect wine with my meal (very impressive!).
Lucy was fabulous in matching me with Mike.  I had provided pretty specific feedback about my first date, and the match Lucy chose for me was everything I had asked for. She understood both parties needs and made the right choice in putting both of us together.  I appreciate her hard work. 
I am confirming I would like to put my account on "hold" for a couple of weeks to see where things go with Mike.
Thanks for making the match!

June 17, 2014


We got off to a bumpy start through some missed communication. But I think we got passed that, she's a bit direct at first, but I think I would like to get to know her a bit more, so at this time I would like to  put my membership on hold. 

Thanks for your help, 


June 14, 2014

Hi Marie,
Attached is a photo of Sam and me from our 2nd date (*photo kept in matchmaking*). I think we have now gone out six times now and are definitely enjoying each other's company and characters.
Some of the qualities I appreciate about him are: upbeat, articulate, entertaining, easy-going, not aggressive or pushy, intelligent, very attractive, active, athletic, involved and loving father, excellent listener, generous, considerate, wholesome, nice, honest.
I have enjoyed all of my communications with the matchmaking department. Everyone is cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
You have been a joy. I suspect you purposefully introduce potential dates in a quick manner because you know that in the end, a lot of what counts is simply the chemistry between two people. To be honest, initially I was a bit disappointed with some of the guys I was introduced to — make no mistake, they are all VERY NICE — but I didn't know if my message of needing to be matched up to an extremely good-looking, handsome, fit (and NOT overweight!!!) person was getting through. I would imagine there are few really attractive men in my age bracket with the desired characteristics and background I was seeking. What I also appreciated is that you introduced me to men who lived farther away than I originally wanted. I quickly realized I liked the added distance because I was/am able to learn about a new area and it's easier to maintain my independence and autonomy. 
However, I am delighted to have met Sam and we are getting along splendidly. 
I would like to confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold for the time-being.
Sending you appreciation and thanks.

June 12, 2014

Hello Lucy,
I am taking this moment to let you know that the match you made for me with Lisa seems to be right on spot.  We met and I feel the first meeting we had in person went well. We had planned to meet for a short time after work and ended up staying longer than we expected and shared valuable time together, we agreed that we liked each other and would look forward the getting together again shortly, however Lisa schedule seems quite busy for now. I hope to see her next week to see how things develop.
You can put my membership on hold for now and I will let you know the status next week once we meet again. I think you did a great job making this match and I am please very much.
Thank you again.
D. Gary


June 12, 2014


Yes Pattie and I have hit it off and are starting to move forward with seeing more of each other and getting out together, so things are moving just right at the moment. 

Pattie is definitely a fun woman, she’s very outgoing, outdoor activities the works; she’s very affectionate and communicates, this is VERY good; and she is a great conversationalist, never a dull moment.  She is terrific!!

As far as working with the matchmaking department and with you Lucy, you guys have been great.  I really feel that you have a great idea as to the type of Lady that I was looking for and you nailed it on the head with Pattie.  Thank you for keeping her on the hook, so to speak, for me once I returned from my training.  That says a lot when it comes to knowing how people will work together and create a solid relationship.  Thanks for all your assistance with finding Pattie.  Wish me luck!!

At this point I would like to suspend my dating and put my membership on hold to see where things go with Pattie.

Thanks for everything!:)