​I would like to put my membership on hold. I would like to say thanks to Jess for helping me. She was always so nice to talk with and after each date we would always talk and would go over how thing went and how she could improve my next date. She worked with me and I have met Kathy. She is so easy to talk with, has a good personality, a big heart, and attractive. THANKS JESS

Express my gratitude

Hi Lorena:

Thanks for your call.  I’m fortunate to have found a great match with Nancy, who shares my passionate love of movies and is open to experiencing some of my other loves, like classical music.  She is kind, patient, a great listener with an open mind, and a liberal like me!  I really enjoy spending time with her & I’m grateful to you for introducing us.
I would like to place my membership on hold or possibly discontinue it at this time.  I wanted to express my appreciation to you & Sabrina for being so helpful.

Speaks well for your service

Dear Holly:
Thanks for returning my call.
I have had a first date w/ Alexandra and am going to see her again tomorrow.
First date:  We met at a restaurant of her choosing in Danville.
Conversation was good.  No pregnant pauses.
Your selection of her speaks well for your service.
She is bright, accomplished, attractive and experienced.
You placed me with a solid person.
Please put me on hold until further notice.
Thanks, Mark

Thank You with all my Heart

Dear Amber:

I am taking this time to write you about the last match you made for me, I would like to say at this time I have only had TWO match's this one I am writing about is my second.. I would very much like to thank you for the job you have done, even though the first lady you match me with was a nice lady there really was NOT that one little spark that I was looking for... But then you match me with Marlene ...... Now I have to say that when you called me about Marlene I had just had my eye operated on and I really was not able to go out on a date because I could not drive, but I did want to meet her. I remember you telling me to go ahead and call her and talk, but to let her know what I was going though and see where it may go. So that is just what I did. Now that was about 4 to 5 weeks ago and Marlene and I have been txting and talking every day and have had 3 dates and I am going to her house tonight for our 4th date. I have even meant 2 of her daughters and 5 of her grand kids and then were awesome.  We are having a good time with each other and the things that we have in common are great they just keep showing up, every day we hind something else we have in common. So I would like to thank you Amber again for matching me with Marlene, I would like to say some of the qualities I like about Marlene is (1), her heart, Big and beautiful caring and giving heart, (2) her humor, we laugh all the time at and with each other, (3) Her kindness, like I said very giving, (4) she is beautiful from the inside out, (5) the things we have in common are truly AMAZING !! from our beliefs in the Lord to some of the things we like to eat there are just so many and we just keep finding more its great!!... So Marlene and I are really just taking things one day at a time to see were this goes and with the help of the good Lord maybe we will go for the rest of our life's.. So again Miss Amber, I Thank You with all my Heart and I hope and pray that you will NOT have to make another match for me.

Thank You

Compatible matches

Hi Kalima.
Deb is very pretty, intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humor which is important to me. Very easy to talk to also.
Although I have only had 2 matches so far you and the matchmaking dept. seem to have a good sense of picking compatible matches.  I'd like to pause since I'd like to get to know Deb better.
I'll be in touch.
Best, Frank

Matchmaker Success Stories 89

Jane is very easy to talk with and very comfortable to be around. After our first date we continued to talk and just go out when we had time. We both thought on seeing where this could go to in time.
As for Kalima, she has been wonderful in keeping track of where I am and keeping me informed.
For now i would like to be on "Happy Hold".

Enjoyed every minute

Hi Holly,

I would like to place my membership on hold.  Gavon is so fun, outgoing with the best sense of humor.  We had dinner for four hours and enjoyed every minute together.  I look forward to see what happens.


Everything I didn't know I wanted

Hi Lorena, I just want to confirm that I would like to put my account on hold for now. You see you made another match, Carl and I are going out now. He is everything I ever wanted and more then that he's everything I didn't know I wanted. He makes me laugh all the time. He's a perfect gentleman. He likes me for me. And that makes it all worth while. We gave no regrets. Who would have guessed it would be the first one you matched me with. Oh and he has the most adorable blush. That is what made me realize he was going to be worth my time and effort. So yes, we are very happy.


Would like to get to know her better

Hi Amber,

I would like to spend a little more time with “Thoy” is how she introduced herself to me when we first started texting back and forth.

She seems to be a very fun loving person. During the first week after our brunch on 01/16/16 we’ve probably exchanged 10-20 messages a day back and forth to each other. She is very attractive and doesn’t look her age at all. We are trying to get to know each other better. I love her sense of humor, her family values. We shared pics of each others pets.  At this time I would like to focus on getting to know her better and see where an if she would like to take this friendship anywhere other that what it is.



You hit the target!


Thank you for getting me connected with Debbie!  This was your first shot at matching someone for me and you hit the target!!!

Debbie is a charming yet very sophisticated person.  She is lively and very knowledgeable of many things and we have not even got to the good stuff about Deb!

She is a very beautiful person, not only physically attractive but spiritually.  Her faith and love of Jesus rounded her for me.

We have been dating and I would like to hold off dating others for now.

Amber I will contact if and when things change!

Thank you!