He is a considerate gentleman

He is a considerate gentleman. I like that he is sweet and thoughtful. It is so incredible that he loves the Lord like l do.

We simply love each other's company

M is so perfectly matched with me that I am totally amazed. Our backgrounds are similar along with our various tastes for life. But most important is our mutual love and commitment to the Lord, our service to Him, and to our Churches. We simply love each other's company and doing things together. We never fail to have so much to talk about and have the same goals for each other and the future. We are especially committed to being able to honor each other in many ways. When we part, we can't wait until the next time we can be together again. Thank you so much for this wonderful beyond words introduction. I never thought it would happen to me!

Sincerely, J.

I love her sense of humor

Yes- place me on a Happy Hold. I liked M's beautiful eyes and sense of humor. Also, I liked her active lifestyle and strong family values. She made me feel confident and relaxed. Very easy to talk to.

She's very kind

Yes I would like to be on a happy hold with E for right now. She's very nice and very kind. She's a beautiful woman. We have a lot in common, and she is very comfortable to talk to.

I love being around him!

My reason for my happy hold: the man that was selected by my matchmaker was everything on my list! He is a man of his word, I think. He really listens, straightforward, a real man with some delightful old fashion ways. I love being around him! He gives me complements. We are really starting to be the best of friends. I never thought I could be in the place I am now. Thank God

I thought unicorns were mythical

The fact that you narrowed down exactly the type of women I was looking for is mind blowing!! K is funny, intelligent, easy going, witty, stunning, breath taking, and beautiful! Her smile will light up any room she walks into! We have so many commonalities, its impeccable. I thought unicorns were mythical, and somehow you have paired me up with a unicorn. She is definitely a real treat and a treasure. I am definitely one lucky man. I have so much more I can already say about her. To summarize it, She is a diamond in the rough, and this gem is priceless less!

Life is good!

Larry, we've discussed this on the phone. You've done a great job of finding a lady that I truly look forward to seeing, to talking with, each day! Over time, you can lose sight of the statement "Life is good". I guess to some degree, things sometimes get stale. The wonderful ladies you have introduced me to have all helped me reach a better place, each in their own way. And now you have introduced me to a great lady that I want to spend more time getting to know in so many ways! She intrigues me, fascinates me, challenges me, makes me want to be a better person, a better man! She presents me with new perspectives I never imagined I would ever have, never even would have considered possible some years ago! She is a wonder! Thank you for bringing us together! Once again, I can say "LIFE IS GOOD"! and that is the truth!

I'm just pinching myself

I’ve only known him for a short time, yet each time we talk or are together, what we learn confirms our compatibility and being on the same page. I look forward to exploring this relationship and so far I am just pinching myself.

This is the way to go

A happy hold is at this time the right way to go. We connected in so many ways, like spiritually. We share the same humor, communication, and love of theater. Of course she’s the right age and location. She’s a respectable, fun-loving woman. I just feel a comfort with my happy hold!!

My first and last introduction

F was my first and last introduction. Very happy and thankful for having Hailie put us together. We are now relocating together and planning our future. We just got back from a trip this morning and have another cruise planned next month. This is the last love of my life. Thank you!
-R, your former client.