Keep your fingers crossed!

Hi Amber,
I would like take some time to get to know Jerry, so I'm happily putting my membership on hold. Our 1st date we talked for 3 hours and closed the restaurant down. Wow! We have a lot in common from our faith, politics, family, food, movies, long walks, or curling up on the couch to watch TV.  He likes my Shepherds and they love him. He is open to exploring new things and trying things that I love to do, even when it makes him a little uncomfortable.  He is intelligent, easy-going, loving, funny, patient, sexy, tall, and handsome. He laughs with me and sometimes at me (and my shoes). He is the calm to my storm. He is easy to talk to and can hold his own in a conversation. We seem to be on the same page about most everything. The more time I spend with him the more at home I feel, like I have known him for forever.
Although first match wasn’t what I was looking for, Amber has done a good job in selecting Jerry for me.  It is such a big help to know that the person has a lot of qualities I’m interested in before we even meet. Keep your fingers crossed!  Thank you!

A beautiful person with a heart of gold

Dear Andrea,

I am very happy with Eppy and would like to have some time to get to know each other.  Eppy is  a beautiful person with a heart of gold.  Thank you for matching him with me and would like to be on happy hold to see where this will lead us.  I can say that there is a big possibility that he could be my soul mate. We have so much in common.  Thank you for this great match Andrea.

Hit one out of the park

What impressed me most about Carmen was how she was a classy lady but down to earth like me and a lover of nature . i felt like i had known her for years. hard to achieve in others. Very pleased with the matchmaking dept. totally professional and informative . Andrea was professional, sincere, and hit one out of the park when she matched up with Carmen.only time will tell how this all goes but thank you all for a great new beginning in my life.

So grateful

Thank you for taking the time to match Darius and l. There are so many amazing qualities that I adore about Darius. He is kind, loving, great listener, and we share a passion for faith and family. He is a gentlemen and met my daughter with a bouquet of tulips. He has welcomed her with open arms and has one over her heart. He has met my best friends and we are making plans and praying together Gods will for our future.
I am so grateful for you orchestrating our introduction and following up on our progress.  Jess did a great job describing Darius and pairing us together. I appreciate her advice prior to the date and follow up. All of our friends know who matched us and we wouldn't hesitate to send anyone of our friends to you to find their future love!!!
Looking forward to seeing Gods will played out in our lives.
We will keep you posted on any future advancements in our relationship.
Thank you,
The Future Mrs. 'Jones'!!!
**Names changed for privacy**

A joy to work with

Good morning Amber,
Ken and I hit it off right away like we had already met.
Ken is kind, handsome, and from what I've seen honest and looking for the same in relationship as I.
You and all the people I've talked to at your agency have been a joy to work with.
Please put me on dating hold.  Ken and I wish to give this relationship a run

Thank you,

Hit it off right off the bat

Hi Amber,
Vicki and I hit it off right off the bat. She is a delight! We are having lots of fun! She is open minded and willing to try new things. Thank you for finding her for me!

Better that the last

Hi Andrea,

This is the confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold while I get to know David better.

Some of the qualities I like about David is the he has very kind eyes and he is also a very kind person.  We had a lot in common that we could talk about. We like the same kind of books, movies, and activities.  He is easy to talk with and he listens. Hopefully after February, we will get to see each other more often.

 My experience with the matching department has been good. Each successive date has been better that the last.  So I am hopeful. Working with you have been great. You seem to know what it is that I want when I struggle to find the words.

Thank you,


Keep your fingers crossed!

I would like to place my membership on hold to take some time to get to know Neil. I think we have a lot in common. He is open minded, fun loving, active, professional, successful, handsome, about my age, is easy to talk to, likes to travel, and enjoys wine and good food.
Although the first two matches weren't what I was looking for, Nicole has done a good job in selecting a compatible match in Neil.  It is such a big help to know that the person has a lot of qualities I'm interested in. So now it's up to s to see if we have chemistry! Keep your fingers crossed!  Thank you!

A good heart

Hi Amber,
The qualities I appreciate about Bill are he put me at ease from the moment I met him. He is very easy to talk to. He has a sense of humor. He loves his family and especially his granddaughters. That is very attractive to me in a man. He was interested in me and what I do. He has a good heart. One that I would like to know more about.  We are having our second date tomorrow. I would like to put my membership on hold while we get acquainted.
My experience with the matchmaking department is they take their job seriously. I appreciate that. I was called when I was told I would be called. Amber follows up very quickly, is very pleasant and encouraging. She is thorough.



Flexible and receptive

Qualities in Bill I appreciated:
Faith based
Family centered
Involvement with/interest in his children
Education oriented
Goal oriented
Listened well
Your services have been good. You've been flexible and receptive to calls and also readily put me into a hold status when my dad became very ill and died.   Put me on hold.   This is all new to me.