I couldn't ask for more

Susan is a beautiful and kind, warm human being. She is devoted to her family as am I. She is intelligent and sexy. So far I couldn't ask for more.

Please put my membership on hold indefinitely!

Dear Brie,

I truly feel Good used you to bring Glenn into my life.  He is wonderful and more than I could have ever hoped for!  Thank you so much for reading and understanding my profile.  Without your experience, I would have continued meeting “non-starters” which the other matchmakers were urging on me.


Please put my membership on hold indefinitely!


God’s blessings,


You are awesome in your role as Match Maker

Hi Mariah,
I am happy to ask for a "happy hold"! I would like to see where Randy and I go. He is shy, but so charming and smart. It is refreshing to meet a man who is so kind, secure in who he is, and an absolute gentleman!
Mariah, you are awesome in your role as Match Maker, you listen to what is being asked for.........and......deliver! Thank you!

An attractive woman

Dear Jessica:

One of the things that I found most refreshing about Laura was her candor.  
She is an attractive woman who has taken good care of herself and it shows.
She has endured a number of hard knocks along life's path, and appears to be a better person for it.
I still need some time to assess the possibility of a long term relationship and so would like to put my membership on hold until further notice.
Thanks for your efforts on my behalf.
Best regards,

I would like to request a hold

Hello  Gianni,
You asked about Pats and I meeting and the qualities  i appreciated when meeting her.After only a short visit of an hour and a half its rather difficult to elaborate. However she was very easy to talk with and had a decent sense of humor. Her sense of community is great. I would like to request a hold on my account for a time while i get to know Pat better.
Have an awesome day

I appreciate your professionalism and quick responses

Thank you
I have only had one sit down date with Mike, but we talked for 3 hours and seem to have enough in common to pursue another date to learn more about each other to see if we have a real connection. 
Mike seems to be down to earth and real... That's a big plus!
I appreciate your professionalism and quick responses Bree! So far I am pleased with Matchmaker!
Wish us luck!

Many qualities that I like

I’m putting my membership on hold to get to know Linda , better.
She is down to earth ,honest , caring and very loving person and these are just a few of her many qualities that I like.


A very good job! 

Bev has a very sweet personality and a caring person which is evident with her job being a nurse. She is very easy to talk to and willing to answer questions related to her field of work. Intelligence is another plus. She has been fun to be around when we have been out. I really hope it works out between us, not only because of her qualities but she is very attractive as well and we have common interests. Jessica has done a very good job!
Also I would like to put on hold so I can have a chance to see where this goes. If Bev wants information about how I feel about her this can be shared with her.

Thank You Jessica!

Thanks  for arranging the get together


Yes  I would like to place the dating on hold until I let you know.
Rosie seemed to have a positive feeling and when I asked if she would like to go out again she said yes. I will give her a call probably for next weekend. Thanks  for arranging the get together.

Very timely, professional and attentive

Hi Jess,
When I signed up with Matchmaker I was excited but also skeptical.  The skepticism took a back seat when Carolyn walked up to the restaurant on time with a smile that lit the area that surrounded her.  Her obvious outer beauty was a good start to a wonderful night of conversation.  Carolyn had broken a rib the Saturday prior to this and though she was in a bit of pain she still showed up where I think most would have rescheduled.  
She seemed very genuine and was involved in the conversation.  As we spoke I found it hard to not look at her eyes as she did not shy away from eye contact.  She has her life together and is a caring mother who is very involved with her kids.  She is financially stable, in great shape, and so far she is a lot like me where she can just go where the night takes us.  When we went out the second time we had planned on dinner and a movie but I hadn't made any movie plans yet as I didn't want to put us on a schedule should we talk past a movie time.  She is very open and honest.  I am really looking forward to getting to know more about her.
In regards to my experience thus far with Matchmaker as I said I was skeptical; however, she was everything described to me and possibly more.  You have all been very timely, professional and attentive.  
At this time I would like to put my account on hold so that I can really invest my time with Carolyn.
Thank you,