This says it all

I sent this to her today I think it says it all:

I would send you flowers they would eventually die
What brought you happiness now makes you cry
I would buy you diamonds flashy and with much flare
You do not require these to illustrate my passion and care
I would sin you a love song though I may not be melodious
I shall show you daily that in my heart you can trust
I play by the rules that are none but my own
For with me your heart and soul have a special home
I kiss your lips and hold you close day and night
In my world you are a beautiful light
I dream of the day we walk together in the sun
Hand in Hand heart to heart there were two now there is One.

The journey has been fun

A and I have sooo much in common. The journey to learning all we share has been fun and exciting. We quickly found our similarities and our differences are creating a solid foundation for a long relationship.

She is quite a lady

D is very insightful and easy to talk to. We met in October. She is becoming a very very good friend. She met my daughter and they love each other. It is a good friendship relationship. We are taking it slow and seeing where life brings us. She is quite a lady. We will see each other again this Friday.

I can't believe it!

I want to go on Happy Hold for G! I can't believe it! I didn't want to meet because his house is so far, but I’m so happy I did. He is really a very nice person. Someone I could be comfortable with. He is exactly what I am looking for as far as activity, comfort level and nicety. I can't believe it!
The idea of being far apart appeals to me now so we can go slower, keep the energy alive. I have a feeling we are really going to try. He is someone I could really like. I don't know where this will go, but he is such a nice man.

It's perfect! He's perfect. We are the same age in our 80's, but we both feel like we are ten years younger together. And we are perfectly matched as far as activities and what we like to do. And don't laugh, but he happens to be a Cancer....and I also was hoping to meet one! They are one of the best matches for my sign. Lol. This is amazing!

Wish us luck!

I’m going on “happy hold” as you call it because J is a beautiful and sweet woman who I would like to get to know better, and other dates would obviously be distracting and counterproductive to our new relationship. I know it will take time to know if we will be able to make it work longterm but we both have decided to try. So wish us luck!

She is so sweet

I would like to go on happy hold for M. We have been seeing each other every week since we met in April. We agree that we don't want to get married, and we are happy with each other and our companionship. We want to do the same things. We like to go to eat. When I was sick for a few weeks with the flu she offered to bring me soup. We live far apart, so that was so sweet of her. That is the kind of person she is.

You were right

I would like to go on Happy Hold for D. We are on the same page on many things. You were right, she is really easy to talk to. We have conversations and have the same viewpoint on many things that are important. It is fun to be around her. Our last adventure was going to the natural history museum. We both liked that. Next Tuesday we are going to another museum. I like the companionship and having fun with someone.

It's wonderful to be with him

P is funny and confident in himself. He communicates easily and we are continually surprised by things we have in common. He loves people, his life
Family, work and God. It’s wonderful to spend time with someone so positive and kind. I’m looking forward to our next date on the slopes!!

I really like him

Good Morning Tian,

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

I met with G and we had a great date. I appreciate all of the work that you have put into this.

Very good match! I’ve planned to meet with G again. I am requesting that you place me on HOLD so I can see where this is going to lead with G.

I will keep you posted. Keep in touch with me.

Thank you so very much,


He loves good food and wine

C is a man of faith. His communication skills are admirable. He believes in doing the right thing, and he relies on the best of his knowledge even during conflicts. He's kind to me, and he loves good food and wine.