Enjoying our time together

Marvin and I have been out many times. We enjoy our time together and we enjoy many of the same things, especially the Royals. I look forward to getting to know Marvin as we continue to enjoy our friendship.
Please place my membership on hold.
Thank you, Peggy

Personalized and meaningful


I want to thank you so much for stepping in with your professionalism, listening skills and matchmaking skills to make this experience personalized and meaningful. Your last three matches have been spot on.

In particular, Darryl is a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady and have blast in the process. He is the diamond in the ruff I have been looking for. I look forward to continuing our journey together one day at a time.

Please put me on a "Happy Hold". Thank you again.


A long future ahead of us

I have to admit I was doubtful about the match with Jim but decided to go ahead. He was interested in fishing and hunting while I am interested in opera and art galleries. The fact that he had been recently widowed also gave me pause for concern. I am so glad I accepted it. It was as if we had been old friends who had not seen each other in a few years. Unlike so many of the other first meeting where conversation was stilted and awkward we fell into and easy conversation and our first date lasted for several hours. We agreed to see each other again in a few days but by that evening as new friends on Facebook we both felt we didn't want to wait that long. Instead we went for a drive out of town and continued to laugh and talk the entire time.

We are both willing to compromise and try activities that the other enjoys. What I discovered was that while our interest were very different our values and outlook on life is similar. Last Sunday I watched my first NASCAR race ever at Jim's place. He explained the ins and outs of the race. Jim loves to cook so he grilled steaks for us. We both like them cooked the same way and are meat eater! We both like to drink bourbon. I like to cook also so I made home made ice cream and peanut brittle.
Jim is an honest, hard working caring and affectionate man. I think we have a long future ahead of us.
I am only Jim's second match while I have had many so I felt pretty sure I'd finally met the kind of guy I had been waiting for. He feels that since he lucked into the best on his second try why look any further.

The woman of my dreams


I really like the way the Matchmaking Dept met my needs with limited dating and sent me the woman of my dreams within a couple of dates.

Ashlee was great as a personal matchmaker and listen to what I truly want in my match.  She is part of the reason that I am smiling today, because of the wonderful woman she match me to, base on what I was looking for in a match.  I believe this is a great place for finding that special someone.

Patti is definitely the woman I have been looking for all my life.  She is  beautiful,  strong, intelligent, sexy, outgoing, funny, professional, supportive, loving mother, sophisticated  etc.  There are some many great thing about this wonderful woman that I could say, but you don’t have time for me to list them all.

I would like to put my membership on hold as of 19 August 2015, 0921 AM.  Thank  you.

Love her blue eyes

Hi Amber,

One of the things I appreciate about Betty is she is easy to talk to.  She is very intelligent.  I also like her passion for dancing.

On the physical side, she has what I consider the perfect shape.  I love her blue eyes and blonde hair.

Overall, my experience with matchmaking has been good.  I have enjoyed the introductions that were made.  You have also been great to work with.  At times, you were able to make me laugh while talking on the phone, and I appreciate that a lot.

At this time I would like to put my membership on hold to see where things go with Betty.
Here are a few names of other people that might benefit from matchmaking.

**Names withheld**

The very first date!

Hi Amber,
I can't believe that the very first date you sent me on was such a perfect match!  He is kind, smart, funny, and also very good looking :) We have been on three dates and each one just keeps getting better.  Can't say yet where this will lead but I am anxious to find out!  I want to thank Annie for encouraging me to go through with this and you for truly reading my profile and making sure you set me up with someone who met all my requirements!  And with that being said, I am asking that you put my membership on hold to give me time to see what happens :)

Could not have done it without your help

I think that Terry in a wonderful person. She is very intelligent and easy to talk to. She is very attractive. I feel like I can talk about anything to her. She is a very caring person. She likes a lot of the things that I like to do and easy to get along with. I really want to thank you for helping me find her. I could not have done this without your help. Amber was so friendly and helpful doing the search for me. As of now I would like to put my membership on hold and get to know Terry better. I do not know where this will go but I thank you for the help you have done for me.

Want to see what's next

Hi Sabrina--Yes, Terry is certainly more like the man I described to
you since he is certainly more active--and athletic--and therefore in
much better physical shape than the other men I have met.  He also
has an artistic side as he paints stunning watercolor pictures.  Since
it has been not even a week since we met, this happened quickly--but
we both apparently want to see what's next and/or where this leads--so
Yes, you can put me on "HOLD" also.

I had several other match makers before you, but you have been
available, kept in touch, called back etc. You have
been more interested and attentive.

We'll keep in touch.  Thanks--Janet

Hi Sabrina
With just a few hours of getting to know one another I like how easy we became with one another, she was open about herself, liked to laugh spoke honestly about her life and what she would like with the person to share like interests with.She is pretty and her appearance is eye catching and she is intelligent. I want to approach this slowly build a friendship and see if we really can develop a deeper desire for one another. I want you to know that your matching was very close to spot on and if this does not go long term I would happily have you match me again. Therefor I would like to go on hold and get to know her better. I will certainly come back if needs be.

Thank you very much

Please be advised that I would like to place my membership on hold.
I would like to spend more time with Linda in determining our possibility for a long term relationship.  She is to me a very attractive woman who seems to be very intelligent, competent, active, confident, and independent.  All of which grabs my attention and together with the indications that she is not needful of having a man in her life but would quite enjoy one with whom to journey through life, having similar dispositions and philosophical approach to life, makes her all that much more desirable to me.  The investment of time will tell.
So, thank you very much for making this connection possible.