• April 18, 20120 min

    Please place my membership on hold as I am pursuing a relationship with Buffy. The more time I spend with her the more I see her special good qualities.  I will let you know of any changes in our status. Thanks, Gary

  • April 17, 20121 min

    Good Morning Nicole, I would like to ask you at this time that you please place my membership on hold. Some of the qualities that I admire in Rafael is that he is very respectful, has a great sense of humor, puts great value in family and is very easy-going. [...]

  • April 11, 20120 min

    He is awesome. He has a big heart and love is in the air. Thanks for all you do Debi

  • April 10, 20121 min

    Hi Christina Just wanted to let you know that me and Catherine are going to date for a while and see if this blossoms in to more. I find Catherine to be a very sweet and beautiful Lady , we have great conversations and enjoy a lot of the same [...]

  • April 10, 20121 min

    Hello Megan Wanted to give you an update on my relationship status.  I am presently in a relationship with Kenneth. He was my second match after joining up.  Our relationship has blossomed and we are now living together.  It looks like you guys did a good job.  Kenneth and I have [...]

  • April 6, 20121 min

    Hello Donni, I received your email concerning my experience with Edith. You asked for a reply so here it goes. Some of the things I like about Edith; I can talk to her and she listens, I feel comfortable with her. We both feel an attraction to each other. Physically [...]

  • April 2, 20121 min

    Hi Donni, Yes, I'd like to confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold with this email. Some of the qualities I appreciate about Peter are his sincerity, honesty, outstanding character, his sense of humor and his adherence to his responsibility.  He might be hard to "date" [...]