April 18, 2012

Please place my membership on hold as I am pursuing a relationship with Buffy. The more time I spend with her the more I see her special good
qualities.  I will let you know of any changes in our status.



April 17, 2012

Good Morning Nicole,
I would like to ask you at this time that you please place my membership on hold.
Some of the qualities that I admire in Rafael is that he is very respectful, has a great sense of humor, puts great value in family and is very easy-going. The fact that he is open to new adventures helps a lot too. Thank you for this match. I am looking orward to seeing where this may go. You have been very easy to talk to and it has been a pleasure speaking with you. In regards to the matchmaking, both gentlemen that I have been matched with, personality wise we have been a great match.
Thank you,

April 11, 2012

He is awesome. He has a big heart and love is in the air.

Thanks for all you do


April 10, 2012

Hi Christina

Just wanted to let you know that me and Catherine are going to date for a while and see if this blossoms in to more. I find Catherine to be a very sweet and beautiful Lady , we have great conversations and enjoy a lot of the same things and this Lady has it going on, she is great !  Catherine is only the second person that I have met but both of them are nice people and I enjoyed their company, So good job Christina you know how to pick them and I would like to go on hold for a while and git to know Catherine better.

Thank you

April 10, 2012

Hello Megan
Wanted to give you an update on my relationship status.  I am presently in a relationship with Kenneth. He was my second match after joining up.  Our relationship has blossomed and we are now living together.  It looks like you guys did a good job.  Kenneth and I have known each other a little over a year. We started dating immediately after our first encounter and things went pretty slow. For a while I didn't think things were going anywhere than Ken just came around and things took off. We are both very happy and looking forward to growing together.
Thanks for all you help.

April 6, 2012

Hello Donni,

I received your email concerning my experience with Edith. You asked for a reply so here it goes. Some of the things I like about Edith; I can talk to her and she listens, I feel comfortable with her. We both feel an attraction to each other. Physically and emotionally. She lets me talk about my family and I enjoy when she talks about her family. We have spent a lot of time together, restaurants are fast becoming a common place to meet and spend time. Last but not least I find her rather attractive and especially enjoy her smile, hugs and kisses. I would like to continuing dating Edith and request you place my membership on hold.



April 2, 2012

Hi Donni,
Yes, I'd like to confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold with this email.
Some of the qualities I appreciate about Peter are his sincerity, honesty, outstanding character, his sense of humor and his adherence to his responsibility.  He might be hard to "date" but he is a wonderful man and I hope this works out for us.  If not I've met someone who is a wonderful man of whom I think very highly.
Donni, you were great.  You seemed a little rushed at times and I'm not sure if that is coming from your desire to do a good job. You're in the people business and that attention to people is what would set you apart.
Donni, I'll say it again, you were great.  You always heard me when I was describing my likes and dislikes. I appreciated that you were there for me Donni when I had questions even if you weren't able to give feedback.
I will keep you posted Donni on my progress with Peter and hope all goes well for you while I am "away."    You have my utmost admiration and respect for a job well done, Donni.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.