I like him very much

Thank you so much Rissi for the wonderful match you made. I like H very much. He is charismatic, respectful and kind. Exactly the type I like. He is also good looking and articulate and a true gentleman.

She's a little quirky

I would like to be on happy hold with T. I enjoy being with her. She is a bit quirky and that is okay with me. We seem to get a long fine. We have seen each other a few times and now we have a doggie play date this weekend. Her personality is nice.

We've had doggie play dates

I would like a happy hold with R. We have stimulating conversations. That is fun. I like his personality. I am enjoying getting to know his personality type and learning how to read someone. We both have dogs and will have a doggie play date. He is very gentlemanly. I like his demeanor.

He held my attention

I would like a happy hold for J. We have a lot in common and have the same values and he is very nice. I really like him. We are having fun. It is weird. He is the first one I met and I am the first one he met. We met in February. We are happy and it is because of you Lori. He is the one who has held my attention. Thank you so much.

I just want to focus on her

Can you please let me know how long I can place a pause on any new introductions? I would like to take some time to just focus on getting to know C. I originally thought another introduction would confirm how I feel but that’s not necessary.

My introduction is beautiful!

We had a really great genuine connection. My introduction is beautiful! She has a really pretty smile and eyes that communicate as well as she does. I also like that she is willing to have deep conversations and is not afraid to talk about tough subjects. Thank you Rissi!

Thank you for taking your time

Thank you, Rebecca! T is everything you said he was and more! We have already been on several dates and plan to be on so many more! Thank you for taking your time introducing us. We are excited about what the future brings us!

We both see potential here

I’m really enjoying getting to know my most recent introduction. We have a lot in common, and we can talk for hours. We are excited about each other because we can both see real potential here for a wonderful future together.

I have never met a man like him

I have never met a man like S. He is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only is he thoughtful, understanding, passionate, caring, affectionate, kind, gentle, and generous, but he also has an amazing sense of humor. He is incredibly easy to talk to, and his intelligence and wit make conversations between us a joy. So far, our relationship is going wonderfully, and I can't see anything wrong with it. I feel truly blessed to have met such an amazing man.

He makes me feel important

I really enjoy my time with E. He’s a gentleman. He’s kind and always makes me feel important. I feel safe with him and feel like I can trust in him. At this point I’m willing to give us a chance to see where this can go.