You have been doing a fine job with my matchmaking

Hello Deja,
I've found Tracy to be an interesting and delightful person to get to know. She is intelligent, successful, down-to-earth, and good-looking. Yes, I would like my membership placed on hold in the meantime to explore a relationship possibility with Tracy. Overall, I think you have been doing a fine job with my matchmaking.

Intelligent, grounded, spiritual and attractive

I like Dixie because she is intelligent, grounded, spiritual and attractive. I have been matched with four people so far, one other that i liked but she has moved to Houston for a job opportunity.  Please place my membership on hold until I see if things work out well with Dixie.

Second date planned

Dear Brie,

I had a great first date with Deborah and we have a second date tentatively planned.  I enjoyed her energetic personality, love for travel, and grounded attitude.
Have a great day,


Pretty much hit the nail on the head!!!

Hi Ray,
Some of the qualities I appreciate about Dave is that he is a true gentleman, polished, professional, complimentary, is very true to his work and seems to give it 200% ( I like that ), some days he texts me good morning & have a good day, or a text in the evening to say he hoped I had a good day. I am just very comfortable with him!! He gets more handsome the more I get to know him!! He is polite, & very respectful.
Once the matchmaking dept. and I got on the same page, Ray pretty much hit the nail on the head!!!
My first date with Dave I was a bit on the fence. But was curious enough to continue on with a second date.
We had to skip our second weekend plans because I had a seminar in Scottsdale AZ., for 5 days. We stayed in touch. He is rather conservative which I like, we went to the movie Sunday evening where they bring your dinner to your reclining chair ( very comfy ) I had never been before, he has. He thought the movie was a documentary which it wasn't in fact their was a few funny points in what was a King Arthur movie ( not sure if he laughed ) and the movie trailers that were shown before the movie started were very funny, so I was laughing, Dave might have been a little? not sure, and he asked you like comedy's and what else? so I told him. I hope it did not turn him off??? But hopefully I'll get a chance to ask him.....
PS. Could you please put my membership on hold for now until I see where this is going with David. Thank you.

I am happy with your company

I found Tim to be a total gentleman last night. He  has qualities like a solid work ethic, being successful in his career  and confident in personality but also has a humble nature about him which is attractive to me.

As far as your company is concerned thus far I am happy with your company as well as Rae helping and guiding me in this as it has been over 38 years since I have dated.
Thank you

I feel confident that you will be able to find me someone

Hi Brie!

Sorry it took so long to get back with you.   Yes, I do want to put my membership on hold, please. 
Things I like about Ben....
He is very laid back and easy-going, and tends to be more on the quiet side. Very good sense of humor. Has a lot of interests, and enjoys going out a lot to do a wide variety of different things. (so far we've visited an art museum, went to a motorcyle rally, went zip-lining, explored a cave, went shopping, went to the science center, went to a movie, and this weekend we're going to a vintage drag race and then to a concert!) He is very considerate and thoughtful, always opens doors for me, etc. He is very fun-loving and is just a big kid who never really grew up at heart. 
I would have to say that, based on Ben's personality, you have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for in a partner.  Even if this doesn't work out, I feel confident that you will be able to find me someone who is a good match for my personality.  You are very sweet and easy to talk to. :-)
I'll keep you updated on Ben, I'm still sort of holding my breath and waiting to see where this thing goes. 
Wish me luck!

On the ball

Hi Ray, Your on the ball. Also, you sound very sweet. I suggested a bouquet of flowers on the date. Thinking of maybe tulips, but I got a dozen red roses. Learning more about his history seems to be a thoughtful man. So,put me on hold at this time. Shari

Pursue our relationship further

So question 1. Qualities that Cheri possesses.  For physical appearance, She is very pretty, well mannered and impeccably dressed. Mentally, she is interested and interesting. She is adept in conversation, is storied, and she can lead or follow the conversation. Attentive and and engaging, she is attractive in her manner. She knows her mind and is aggressive in her style, not a wallflower. Very social. I think she is a leader and she gets her way. I am very attracted to Cheri.
Question 2. It is my desire to put my membership on hold so Cheri and I can pursue our relationship further.

A lot in common


Will is a person who wants to improve and grow as a person. He is open and affectionate and kind and non-judgmental. We seem to have a lot in common except he is more of a city boy and I am more of a country girl. LOL We both are spiritually oriented and both widows. He did not rush into physical contact which most of the men I have met do. I would like to get to know someone first. Marty

Easy on the eyes!

It was a pleasure working with you as I feel you were listening to me about the qualities I find important  in a match.
I am interested in getting to know Mike and see if a long term relationship develops. I feel as though Mike is at a similar place in life as myself--and I have had a very transitional past year with the death of my remaining parent and a close friend. I like that Mike likes to stay fit and is active with cross fit, plays softball and enjoys traveling. He is well traveled and college educated and values family--all important qualities (not necessarily in that order). He is also easy on the eyes!
Thanks for your efforts,