Thank you for a good match!


Mike is intelligent, athletic, charming, attractive.  We have had three lovely dates and will have more. Thank you for a good match!  Confirming on a hold for now.



Thank you for all your help!


Dana is a great lady! What I like about her is her sense of humor, she's very kind and she seems to be a very loving person with a big heart.  She is very attractive.

Jes, you are awesome, thank you for all your help!

I would like to put a hold on my account, so I can get to know Dana a little bit more.


We have the same goals...



I have found Mary to be smart, open, honest and dependable. There seems to be a mutual interest and we have the same goals. Yvonne has been helpful and responds in a timely manner. Most important to me, she matched me up with someone with the same goals. At this time, I would like to place my account on hold so Mary Jane and can have time to get to know each other.


He's a perfect gentleman


I would like to go on hold with Daniel. I have really enjoyed how much we have in common in almost every aspect of our lives. We are also able to talk for hours and it never gets old! I can definitely see a future with him at this point, he’s a perfect gentleman. We have planned a trip in a couple weeks, just because we both had time off work. Hope to enjoy seeing the tourist side of him. We both talk about the love of history, etc.



I am very hopeful...


What I appreciate about Laurie:

I have found her to be exceptionally positive and energetic (without being over the top).

She is very humble, yet confident and highly intelligent.

Her sense of humor is very good with a touch of sarcasm that totally aligns with my personality.

She has a great love and devotion to her family and her children.

I very much appreciate how forthcoming she has been in sharing her story and background.

I greatly appreciate how independent she is and very honest about how important that is to her and her relationships with friends etc.

And, I have to mention that her smile and her eyes speak volumes, you can see a lot of that positive energy through her face.

While we are not a "total" match on all likes and dislikes, thus far we seem to be very much aligned in all of the things that really matter.

In short, I am very hopeful that we continue to find alignment and enjoyment in each other's company.  It is way too soon to be speaking about what "could" be, but thus far I am very encouraged.  And yes, confirming that I would like to put my membership on "Happy Hold" while Laurie and I continue to see each other.


What a positive experience knowing him will be...

Hi Jess,

I'm really enjoying getting to know Jim.  He is so different from men I have chosen in the past, but I can already tell what a positive experience knowing him will be...that's my first impression.  We've only been together for two dates and he has already shown me his beautiful home and has introduced me to his adult grandson and his wife.  He is a very sweet person and we shared a first kiss last night.

He is so kind and attentive and he is friendly to everyone he sees.  I look forward to getting to know him better and I'm not ready to meet someone new at this time.  Please put me "on hold" as I’m wanting to spend more time getting to know Jim.

Thank you so much for your professional expertise, Jess!  At this early stage, Jim appears to be a very good match.


Thanks for connecting the two of us...

Hi Megan and the Matchmaking Team,

I am responding to let you know that I do indeed want to go on HOLD at this time.

Qualities about Chad that I enjoy:  his smile, personality, he’s goal-oriented, upfront, respectful, conscientious, in shape, and makes me laugh.

Thanks for connecting the two of us.