This may just be a life changer.

Hi Sabrina,

Lagina is smart, gorgeous, a hard worker and just over all a nice person. We seem to agree politically also. So please put my membership on hold while we continue to learn about each other. Great Job... Thanks so much. This may just be a life changer.

A delightful woman

I would like to have my account put on hold.  I understand that if I reactivate it, I will receive the balance of my introductions that have been purchased.  I am currently seeing June, whose name I received from you.  June is a delightful woman.  She's witty, charming, attractive and sophisticated.  She is well respected in the community and is not only successful, but philanthropic as well.


You're the best. 

Hello Gianni,

thanks for always making my experience great and working hard to find matches that fit what I'm looking for. You're the best.

Kathy is awesome, she is super easy to talk to, beautiful, most of our interests are the same and some are different which is good too. I'll send you pictures once we take a few.


A great job as my matchmaker

Hi Jessica:

I am confirming that I want to put my membership on hold at this time. I think you have done a great job as my matchmaker thus far. Debbie and I have a great deal in common, she has a great sense of humor, and we share many of the same interests and other interests that are not the same which is good. We both agree that we would like to invest some time in getting to know one another better at this time.

Thanks again. Talk soon.


Thank you for making a difference in my life!!

Hi Gianni,

Thank you for the work you are doing on my behalf.  Tom is a great guy & we have a lot in common.  He asked me if I wanted to go out again, I haven't heard from him this week, but I am so busy preparing for a charity event on 9/30/17 that it's perfect.

Please consider this as my confirmation that I want to put my membership on hold for now, as Tom is a great guy but also I am so busy until October that I don't have time to go out.

Qualities I like about Tom:

He is a gentleman, he was fun & easy to talk to.

He likes to travel, we are both CPA's.  We like concerts & different music.

I have enjoyed working with you.  You tell me about the match & ask me to follow up with you so you know how the match worked.  But you also seem to truly care if we have a good match & you also care when something happens that's a little weird.

Thank you for making a difference in my life!!

Thank you,


We became friends immediately

I want to put my membership on hold . Jay has a great sense of humor , very much a gentleman, looks great , lovable, we became friends immediately, guess I'll go kayaking, which I've never done , he has a wonderful personality, very caring.  A great guy !!

Thanks Sabrina