She is a treasure

My latest introduction K is a treasure of life. She brings enthusiasm to every one and every moment. K's smile just makes you feel better. We have many things in common. We are building a friendship and will see where it takes us. This is very exciting for both of us. Thank you to our matchmakers.

I can be myself

She is energetic easy to talk to and I can be myself. It just comes easy. And to think I almost turned her away because I had just finished a previous first date that went good. At least I thought that date went good at the time, until I met her!

I knew on the first date

On the first date, I knew there was something special about B. He is somebody I fall asleep at night thinking of with a smile on my face, making my problems seem not so bad. He told me I was his dream date, which melted my heart in many ways. The way he hugs me is hard to describe, but I know the feeling is right. He is funny in his own way and a beautiful man inside and out! Thanks Alicia!!

All I'd hoped for

He’s kind, generous, affectionate and smart. All things I had hoped to find in a companion.

She's more than perfect!

D is more than perfect! She is a riot and I love everything about her. An amazing person who is comfortable with being herself. She is smart, brilliant, full of energy, loves life, hardworking, goal-oriented, successful, beautiful, and truly knows what she wants out of life. More can be said. I'm blessed, I'm lucky, I'm happy.

We have high hopes

I have met a gentleman who is physically attractive, in good health, has many qualities and interests that align with mine, and with whom I am very compatible. We enjoy one another’s company, enjoy a mutual respect and appreciation, and have high hopes for a successful future relationship.

An extremely happily ever after

Felicity contacted me to let me know she was going to set up an introduction. R called me later that evening and actually ended up talking with each other for almost 3 hours. We spoke again the next night for hours again. We decided to meet for coffee near me and we were both so comfortable with each other, as if we were dear friends reconnecting and we spent 7 hours together talking about our lives, our kids, grandkids, our heath challenges. I learned R and his kids - along with me - all own and love DOGS!!!!!  The following week we spent my birthday together. IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!

R is Kind, Sweet, Romantic, Chivalrous. We have oh so many common interests and we love spending our free time together. Felicity hit it out of the park with introducing R and I. Thank you so very much for our introduction. We are both oh so very happy and look forward to seeing where our relationship will take us. I feel we will have an extremely happily ever after.  Felicity, you rock!!!!!

The beginning of a great relationship

B and I are having an enjoyable time together. He is very chivalrous, kind, courteous and open to activity. He enjoys going out but also enjoys just staying in for movie night and a home-cooked meal. He likes to travel and will do the scheduling and planning. He is a great listener and conversationalist. I really enjoy being with him and hope this is the beginning of a great relationship. I want to be on the happy hold so as to give this relationship a fair opportunity to flourish.

We never looked back

This woman is exactly matched to me. We share so many traits that there are too many to list. We clicked from the first meeting and never looked back. I’m very happy. Thank you for your help!

The perfect man for me

D is the perfect man for me. He has a delightful sense of humor, is a great listener, and is comfortable to be with. We seem to gel perfectly together. We have many interests in common and just enjoy each other's company.