My matchmaker has taken the time to understand me

Just wanted to thank you for matching me with Deb.  She is an attractive women with a nice smile.  A very outgoing person who is educated, well mannered,  a good listener, very considerate, who appreciates who I am and her willingness to learn more about me.  A woman who has great family values and strong religious beliefs.   It's nice to see how both of us were raised with wonderful family values.  My matchmaker has taken the time to understand me more on the type of person I'm looking for.  When they said she was Catholic it was nice to find someone with my religious Catholic background.   The matchmaker has made me feel comfortable and feeling confident that Deb and I would be a really good match and happy I had the opportunity to meet her.  I'm realizing our same religious background has allowed me to relate with her very well.  As I've gotten to know Deb more each time I feel more comfortable around her and enjoy our laughs together.  We also have very common interests and open to new things with her.
As I've met Deb I've had and interest in getting to know her more.  In order to learn more about her I would like at this time to place my membership on " HOLD" at this time beginning as of Monday January 29th, 2018.
If any changes in my membership status I will notify my match service
Thank you

What a great job y'all did

Stephen and I had a great time together and I would like to be placed on hold as I would like to get to know him better. 
We had a great time playing pool and sharing an evening out.. what a great job y'all did thanks. 

A perfect match

Hi Jenna,

On Saturday January 20, 2018 Bob and I met for lunch. With in minutes I was thinking to myself that I really like this man. Bob is definitely a family Man, he really care about his children, this was very important for me to know.  I have a very Close relationship with my children and grandchildren, so I really needed to know this up front.
Bob have a great personality, our conversations covered many topics that we both agreed with. Bob and I will be meeting again this weekend to learn more about each other.
I would like to thank Jenna for this introduction, Bob seems to be a perfect match, so right now I would to say good job Jena. This was the fourth introduction that I had through your company and the three previous ones I knew right from the get go this match was not for me.
I’m requesting that my membership is placed on Happy Hold.
Thank you Jena,

There is so much more....

yes, I'm confirming to be placed on hold..

we have a lot in common, we have spent time together in the same places...
she has a sense of humor, and gives as well as she gets..
we like the same kind of food, same movies,.. etc...
we are both equally independent,
she is more domesticated than myself, and we are both good with that..
there is so much more....   we have had 10 days together since our first date, and have seen each other every day, but 2...
I was very skeptical about the service.. but it worked so far...
-Anonymous member

Nice to have a cheering section

Hello Marie,

Thanks for your email. I have enjoyed working with you to search out & plan my dating life! I appreciate that you always made time to call me back with much excitement. It is nice to have a cheering section :)

Like you said, Katie and I are trying to see if we are a fit. We are approaching our 3rd date, I believe. She is a very nice & sweet woman who is both a Christian and an engineer - somebody that already gets my lifestyle, direction in life, and seems to have the same moral center as me. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to meet. I am grateful that you took the time to be patient with my situation. Please hold my membership.

Best to you! Brad

You hit a home run.

Hi Brie,

Sorry to be so slow responding.  The holidays are so busy!  And plus I have been busy having the time of my life with Will!!  You hit a home run, Brie.  I never would have thought that someone so perfect for me existed!  We have so much in common - we laugh so much and never run out of things to talk about.  We have so much fun and romance!  He is very kind, funny, smart, interesting, energetic, and just plain wonderful!!  
Yes, confirming membership on hold.  And I will try to remember to keep you posted on us.  I really can't believe how compatible and happy we are.  Will says that it is as if he ordered his dream woman from Amazon and I arrived.  I feel the same.
Thank you so much, and thank you for making me meet him.  We have realized that isn't so far when you love being together as much as we do!
Take care,

We laugh and kid around a lot

I'm confirming that I want my account and matches put on hold. I want to take some time and get to know Mike better. He is funny, a bit old fashioned, my age, and so far we have many interests in common. I like that we laugh and kid around a lot.

Looking forward to getting to know him better

Hi Sabrina,

Sorry for the delayed response. Guess I've had some issues with my email. Anyway, Shawn is a very charismatic individual who is also quite spiritual, funny, and somehow compelling. I am looking forward to getting to know him better. Thank you so much for the introduction!


Wasn't sure what to expect

Thank you for placing my membership on hold. The qualities that I liked about Kat are that she is intelligent, open minded, and considerate. I wasn't sure what to expect when I prepared to go on my first date and after meeting her I feel much better about my decision to sign up for your services.

She nailed it.

I want to put my membership on hold to get to know Jeff better.

Gianni is good at her job! This was my first match and she nailed it.
Qualities about Jeff.
He has old-fashioned values. That means a lot to me. He is considerate and so kind. He is a devoted dad!
Thank you