Thank you all!

Dear Theresa,
   Thank You for all the efforts you and the team of matchmakers have put in to finding my desired match. Everyone at matchmakers have always been very professional, kind, and easy to talk to. Thank you all! I joined matchmakers back in November 2016 with a desire to meet a woman that met my list of qualifications, yet at the same time had some doubts if that was possible. After meeting Beth, who was my 7th match and only 4 months later into March 2017, I have decided to put my membership on hold in order to get to know Beth on a deeper level. I was attracted to Beth right away, not only by her physical beauty, but by her very kind, compassionate, understanding heart, and her love for the Lord! She also is very diverse and loves to do so many of the things I like to do as well, and she has a great sense of humor! We have been on a few dates and what amazes me, is that every time we meet, I see more of the qualities in her that I have always desired in a soul mate. I am so very thankful to have met Beth and am excited at what the days ahead have us!
   Thank you again Theresa.

A wonderful experience!

Dear Theresa,
I'd happy to request my membership be placed on "Happy Hold". Dan is cute, funny, caring, and exactly the type of person I was hoping to meet. Working with you as my matchmaker has been a wonderful experience!
Thank you so much,

You've been great with my matches

Thank you Ray.  You've been great with my matches and listened to my feedback to find this great match
Please put me on hold as I get to know Francois better.
We hit it off instantly and have an ease in conversation.  He is a kind man that sees the positive in the world.

Everybody is professional and fun.

Some of the qualities that I enjoy about Jeanne are; we are compatible with age, our place in life and health. We seem to talk a lot and share our experiences from the past and the joy and challenges of everyday life. She is up beat and positive. we seem to want some of the same or similar things to do. She does not seem materialistic, but respects the things we both have. We both want to share every day life with each other, but have our private time. We both care and want to be with each other.
Theresa, Theresa , Yes I love to hear the sound of your beautiful and upbeat voice. Your kind and considerate to me all the time. When you have helped me with my matches you are knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoy when I can get you to laugh. The whole department does a great job, you call me back in a timely manor. Everybody is professional and fun.

An instant gratifying acceptance


It was good to talk to you today.  Richard and I met on Tuesday, March 21 at a Panera's. at 10 a.m.when I called him that I had arrived. Our scheduled meeting was for 11 a.m.
We immediately seem to loosen up after introducing ourselves.  There was an instant gratifying acceptance of each other. Felt completely at ease with each other I think.
We had a light lunch and sat for about 5 hours and simply talked about our lives, our careers, ourselves, our families of kids and grand-kids.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.
Richard is a very well versed, interesting, not ego bound, not controlling, but does have his proverbial "ducks in a row" from what i gathered from our conversation.
We then went to Richard's house which is a stunning collection of Native American art especially southwest.  I liked his personal views, his spiritual views, his love for his family, and love of life.
We both agreed that we were very lonesome living by ourselves and the emptiness of our houses and someone to talk to, travel with, hopefully travel within the "lower 48".  He has been widely traveled militarily as well as personally.
We both agreed that we would like to see each other again and soon.
Thank you Gianni for your help in our meeting.
I realize this is only the first meeting but feel that we will get together again.
Therefore I would like to place my membership on hold for the moment.  I will let you know if I wish to change my HOLD status.

We desire to know more about each other.

Bob and I met this pass Sunday and really enjoyed each other's company.
We had such  interesting conversation and we desire to know more about each other.
So we have both agreed to date each other and see where it goes. So Bob and I 
have decided to put our membership on hold for now, but I will keep in touch
with you Brie and keep you updated.
Thank you for your encouraging remarks Brie!

Thank You for being a good matchmaker.

Hi Brie,

Well, I wanted to wait until we had our date on last Thursday.  But the weather stomped on our plans and we ended up having dinner at my new restaurant.  We both had a  wonderful time telling stories about our lives and finding out we were on a somewhat parallel track throughout our lives.

Karen is a classy, vivacious, smart lady to whom I have become quite attracted to.  I found it really easy to talk with her as our birthdays are only 18 months apart.  Neither of us are millennials, so our conversations contain a lot of history that we understand but others don’t.  In the meantime we are both trying to take the process easy..
To describe my experience with the matchmaking department has been an up and down process.  You are my third matchmaker and, by far, the most accommodating  matchmaker I have had experience with.  You have been very cooperative with me concerning distances to travel for a date.  St. Louis as a metropolitan area has more than doubled in my lifetime.  There is no percentage driving an hour and a half, one way,  for a date that has the possibility of a less than 50% chance to yield anything.  
So, with all the above information, I am requesting that you place my membership on HOLD while Karen and I take the time to get to know each other more. 
Thank You for being a good matchmaker.

A wonderful job

I would like to thank all the people at Singles for
all their kind and help especially Dave who helped set it up for me and
to Ray who helped me who helped pick Jenny out for me you guys did a
wonderful job for me I'll keep your phone number in my phone so someone
asked where did we meet I can send them to you guys thank you very much.

I couldn't be happier

Hey Gianni,

Some of the qualities I love about Mark, he's seems very sincere  and caring. He's the type of man I like... rugged outdoors type loves fishing like I do. Mark seems like he has such a big heart. And as far as my match making coordinator. Of course I couldn't be happier with my match with Mark. Great job Gianni.

This was a good match.

Hello Deja,
I would like to put my membership on hold in hopes that Heather and I can continue to get to know one another. She is very personable. She is easy to talk to and seems genuine. I find her attractive as well. This was a good match.
Thank you,