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By Published On: March 30, 2017
Dear Theresa,
   Thank You for all the efforts you and the team of matchmakers have put in to finding my desired match. Everyone at matchmakers have always been very professional, kind, and easy to talk to. Thank you all! I joined matchmakers back in November 2016 with a desire to meet a woman that met my list of qualifications, yet at the same time had some doubts if that was possible. After meeting Beth, who was my 7th match and only 4 months later into March 2017, I have decided to put my membership on hold in order to get to know Beth on a deeper level. I was attracted to Beth right away, not only by her physical beauty, but by her very kind, compassionate, understanding heart, and her love for the Lord! She also is very diverse and loves to do so many of the things I like to do as well, and she has a great sense of humor! We have been on a few dates and what amazes me, is that every time we meet, I see more of the qualities in her that I have always desired in a soul mate. I am so very thankful to have met Beth and am excited at what the days ahead have us!
   Thank you again Theresa.

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