Feel like I am floating on a cloud

By Published On: March 2, 2017
Hi Deja,
Thank you for your thoughtful matchmaking and sticking with the process. I know I am not the easiest woman for whom to find the right match because I am unique in so many ways.
I definitely want to put my membership on hold. Dennis is amazing.
I just had to believe that there must be a man out there who would be a good match for me.
Dennis is it. I knew I wanted to meet him when you told me that he is my age, has traveled internationally and wants people to know that he is honest.
He is extremely intelligent, very respectful, open, honest, thoughtful and kind. He also has an enthusiasm and level of emotional maturity and competence which I really appreciate.
I knew he was ready for a relationship when he called me the same day you gave him my number. I was so excited about that. I love the sound of his voice. It is deep, rich, optimistic and confident. I can listen to him for hours and be happy. He had had so many interesting life experiences. I think he is the most interesting man I have ever met and I have met a whole lot of people through my line of work and through dating over the years.
Dennis and I have a lot in common. We have both traveled the world. So we are both open minded. We both value our kids. We both work hard. We both love music. We both like healthy good food. Above all, we both have a big heart and are ready for love.
Since we have both gone through some very painful life experiences, we can relate to each other in ways I couldn’t with someone who has not had those experiences.
These days, I go to bed happy and I wake up happy thinking about him. My days are happy too. We text many times a day and at night or talk on the phone. My heart feels full. I am in love and feel like I am floating on a cloud. I am full of energy and feel like I can take on the world.
We have met three times in the last month. I am filled with happiness and love. I have hope for our future. It feels so amazing to meet a quality man who is ready for a relationship with me now.
Thank you so much for picking Dennis for me!! I never would have met him without you.
With gratitude,

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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