She's easy to laugh with

Yes. Great looking. Want to find out more about her. Easy to communicate and laugh with. Classy, dresses well, has a great career.

I'm enjoying his company

Please put me on Happy Hold. I'm enjoying the company of my current match. We talk easily together and have many interests in common.

I like her style

Yes, I would like to place my account on Happy Hold. I like R‘s positive attitude, smile, and easygoing style.

She has a wonderful sense of humor

Please place my account on happy hold so that I can get to know J. She has a pleasant demeanor, a wonderful sense of humor, shares interests with me, and I find her attractive.

Two months with my sweetheart

After two happy months of dating my new Sweetheart, it's time for me to express my gratitude to Alicia for putting up with me! Her tireless efforts and dedication truly paid off... How she found this intelligent, attractive gem, I'll never know!

I'd like to recommend and thank everyone at Match Makers for providing such a professional, Five Star service!!

We mesh very well

A and I have texted and spoken on the phone for about two weeks now and finally met last night. We mesh very well. We laughed and talked over a game of putt-putt and then sat on the balcony and chatted and laughed over dinner for another hour or so. She pretty, easy to look at, smart, respectful, family oriented and from what I learned, professional.

Thank you for a wonderful man

Jesse, thank you! D has been wonderful. He is a well dressed gentleman, gentle in every way. We've gone bowling. I had dinner at his home. He is a great cook, neat and organized. We share love of music and conversation. We have good conversational times. He is forthright with all his feelings. Thank you again for a wonderful man.

We have so much in common

I want to thank Lori you did a great job with matching M and me. Everyday we find out more things we have in common and ones we don’t but look forward to learning. I am putting my account on a happy hold.

Lori you were so great and understanding with the little glitch we had. Many thanks.