You all have been fantastic.

Hi Marie -
Thank you for your e-mail and for letting me know Shannon – she is a delight.  I really like Shannon’s approach to life – she is optimistic, positive, and giving.  I am clearly still learning about her, but these traits shine through.  She likes to laugh and also has the ability to discuss serious topics.  She seems driven in all that she does – be that work, friendships, or recreation.  She is social and engages well with anyone – bartenders to my children.  I love her love of animals.  She is no nonsense, but not overly judgmental.  She has a variety of interests and abilities.  Last, but certainly not least, she is “easy on the eyes,” as you suggested.
You all have been fantastic.  Attentive, helpful, and perhaps most importantly, encouraging.  The system that you have set up allows for folks to be comfortable knowing that the person they are meeting has been “vetted” via your screening.  That gives an instant additional level of comfort, which allows your clients to move on to the more important stuff.  Plus – it is really awkward to ask someone on a first date if they have ever had a bankruptcy.  :)  I have appreciated your responsiveness and attention to detail.  Not to mention, you seem to be a very nice person, which makes it very easy to be vulnerable and work with you.
A matchmaker is like a mediator – you hope you never need one, but when you do, you want the best.  I will make sure to pass anyone who finds themselves in need of your services to you.
Thanks again for all of your help!  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
Happy, Happy New Year!!

Thank you for your continued support

Hi Deja,

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to helping me find a match. As you know, Wendi and I are taking time to get to know each other. I appreciate her openness and honesty. She is easy to talk with and accepting or who I am, as I am to her. We are having much fun getting to know each other. This said, I wish to put my member ship on hold to give us the time to explore an opportunity together.

Warm regards,


Thank you again for being such a helpful, considerate matchmaker

Hi Deja!  I wanted to thank you again for being such a helpful, considerate matchmaker who listens to me to meet my needs and find the right fit for me.  Since I met Ruben, we have not only gone out on several dates but we make sure we talk to each other every day over the phone, just to see how each other is doing and how our day was.  We have made plans to go out on several dates in the near future and I am looking forward to all of them.  I really like him because he is caring, considerate, and I feel we have many things in common, especially where we are both ethnically diverse and we have experienced different cultures outside of the U.S.  I really hope we'll have many more adventures to come!  Thank you!

Thank you so much

Hello Ray,
Firstly Thank you so much for your efforts here. Yes I would like to put my membership on hold for month till end of January 2017 to get to know George.
He is very mature, well learned, spiritual. We have so many things in common. He seems to calm and handle any stress fairly well. He is very respectful towards me.
Ray you have done an awesome job of matching our qualities and interests. I would like to use this month time to get to know him and see where it goes. I will contact you end of January 2017.
Have a fantastic new year!

Thanks for the effort

Please put my membership on hold for the time being. 
Jo talked intelligently about the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The music was performed by The Peoples Liberation Big Band. We did agree about the parts we didn't appreciate and the parts we enjoyed. Jo likes Big Band music and I like most everything, so that works out. Didn't explore other aspects of jazz, blues and etc. later date(s). She used to do stained glass so we had more in common. Not to mention we are both Capricorns, for all that is worth. As male type as it 
sounds she has a body type I like.
This was my 4th date and it may have been my desire to have a companion to enjoy a show and food. All things considered I was very satisfied. Thanks for the effort in locating a woman to have a fun time with. Bill 

Thanks for everything

Hi Deja,
What do I appreciate about Tracy?  She's fun and funny, she active and into sports, our values seem similar and she's attractive (at least to me). 
I think you, Deja, have done a good job matching me with similar people with like qualities and values.  I find you open to my thoughts and you are always trying to find out more about the ladies I've been out with and what I like about them and women in general. 
I'd like to put my membership on hold to see how well Tracy and I get along.  If things change I'll let you know.
Thanks for everything and Happy Holidays.

Wants the best for me

Hey Brittany,
Kimberly had some things in common with me.  She was easy to talk to.  Great conversation.  Bubbly personality.  She likes being somewhat active like myself.  She is in good shape.  Good body.  Good looking.  She is well put together.  She dresses nice and she had a nice complexion and her hair was kept up nice.  Nice looking girl.  She is positive and outgoing.  She has a very nice smile.  She seemed like she is in a good place with her life.  She also has  a good job and independent.  We both have good jobs and we liked a lot of same things.  Sports, traveling and exercising.  
I think Brittany is going to be good for me. She seems to be personable and wants the best for me.
I would like to put my membership on hold.  

She want me the way I am


Thank you much. She really fun to be with her. So open and honest. So interesting lady. She want me the way I am and also I want her the way she is. So comfortable with her and easygoing. And please can you put my members ship on hold for now till I let you know later. Thanks and have a nice evening.

He's cute

Hello Jess
John and I had our meeting date and talked and had lunch for a couple of hours discussing his family and mine and some of the interests we had were the same.  He asked me to meet him and go to some friends home for horderves then a concert.  I wanted to meet with him around his friends and see how he acted with the people he had known and I found that he was very well liked a hugger and so were his friends. He asked me for a date and have lunch.  Also he took me to a show. We have a date on the 31rst for New Years. He's cute and has a good sense of humor.  He's also a good and courteous driver, that tells me a lot about him. I'm looking forward to seeing him and meeting some of his other friends also.  Put me on hold for a while please.

Continuing to get to know each other


We had a great time on Don’s birthday. He & I along with his youngest daughter (14) & my youngest son (10) went to dinner & had a great time. Then we came back to my house for dessert - I had baked him a cheesecake which turned out to be quite fabulous, if I do say so myself! I ended up getting us tickets for the new Star Wars movie (if you knew how much I dislike Star Wars you would understand the magnitude of that gift) for this coming Sunday. 
Thank you for the suggestions…it’s way too early for overnights at this point (it’s only been 2 1/2 months!), but we’ve done some fun things as we are continuing to get to know each other. I’m attaching a picture from our evening at the Symphony last weekend. **Photo not included**
Have a great day,