August 18, 2013

Hi Donni,

Thank you for introducing me to Michael.  Michael is very warm and interested in people.  He has a very natural way of making me feel comfortable and valued.  He is very complimentary and has a good sense of humor.  He is nice looking.  We discovered that we both have spent a lot of time taking care of our parents at end of life, so we understand those things and can relate to them.  We both have a spiritual orientation and similar Catholic background so that it is really easy to talk about values, God and faith with each other.  I would like to spend some time getting to know him better, so I'm asking to place me on hold for now.

You've been very helpful to me as a matchmaker.  Although we have not talked in a lot of detail, you were able to pick a good introduction for me, so you're on your game!


September 14, 2013

Hello Megan,

Yes I would like to put match making on hold.

I know this is only the second lady I have  met through you but I think Patti is amazing! We have went out 5 times together now and every time is better and better. Very sweet , beautiful and fun lady. We have totally different political views but I think we have the same out looks on life . She has been so deprived of love for such a long time and I hope I can give her some of that back. I really enjoy her, so thank you for introducing us. I hope it works out!



Bonnie and I met at Tuscano's and hit it off right away. She liked that I didn't flinch from the different food she got me to taste. Our second date was me taking her to her church on Sunday. She was afraid I would baulk but surprised that I didn't. I am Christian and so is she so we enjoyed our time there. I have asked her out again on Thursday the 5th to dinner and hopefully some walking and kissing will be involved.

Bonnie is fun spontaneous and speaks her mind. She likes just to talk about all fields of life and I enjoy her straightforwardness.
She has kids but she isn't hung up on them and she is grandmother like I am a grand father and we enjoy that sameness. She feels really good to be with and I hope she feels the same. There is something there between us that I would like to explore and hope she is receptive.

I am asking to have my account suspended for the three months. If there is a change we will let you know. wish me luck.


September 14, 2013

I plan to date Imelda to get to know her more and would like to put my membership on hold.
She seems like a good mother, pretty and keeps her self fit. And I feel comfortable with her. We have gone out on two dates and plan a third, so far so good. And we have been communicating regularly.  
I enjoyed the matchmaking service you provided. Like meeting people I wouldn't otherwise meet and knowing there are there for basically the same reason as me.  The only thing that was kinda hard to get use to is the blind dating. I really never gone on blind dates before and all of a sudden I'm on a bunch of them.    

August 9, 2013

Julie has been a wonderful person to get to know. You have done a great job matching me with people that are similar to me and have the qualities that I am looking for in a relationship. I would like to put my membership on hold while I get to know Julie better.


September 2, 2013

Hi Kathrine,

Thanks for your email.  I appreciate your enthusiasm about our successful date.  Michael is a very kind and considerate person. He is a gentleman and treated me like a lady. I was very impressed that he put thought and effort into planning a nice date for us rather than asking me to come with something  He took me to Tuscano’s, a very nice restaurant. He then invited me to go to a movie and ice cream afterwards. He wasn’t afraid to show me a good time.

Michael is a confident person, yet not conceited. He was well-groomed and nicely dressed which I greatly appreciated. He is a great conversationalist, enthusiastic and fun to be around. He was very open and honest about his life and what he was feeling about me during our date.  He was very complimentary about me. We discovered that we have many things in common such as sports, and many other similar tastes. We made an immediate connection and decided that we should date each other for a while and see where it goes rather than pursue others at this time.

This email will confirm that I would like my account put on hold until I see how this relationship moves along.

Kathrine, I appreciate the time we spent having some very candid conversations about what I wanted and expected from this program. Thank you for listening and recognizing that Michael and I would make a good match.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going.



September 2, 2013

Thank you for finding me a match that is suited to my personality.  Brent is a very sweet man who has a nice sense of humor.  He has the greatest smile!  He is a little shy, and I am NOT, so we play well off of each other.  Brent is also very considerate and kind.  When I had a recent health scare, he was always calling and texting to see if I was alright.  This is after only two dates together.  He shares a lot of the same interests and has an active lifestyle.  
I so appreciate your commitment to helping me find someone who is compatible.  I had a few dates, and they were not a click.  You were so willing to listen to my feedback and refine the search even more.  I would like to take some time to get to know Brent, so I would like you to place my membership on hold.
Thanks so much for your help!

September 2, 2013

Hello Donni,

I am very happy to report Brian and I are doing wonderful. Brian is a gorgeous, sweet, intelligent, loving, giving man that I have fallen very much in love with. I have to say my experience with the matchmaking department was very short, as Brian was only my second match. I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to meet quality singles. Thank you for introducing me to Brian! I am confirming my membership is on hold.


September 2, 2013


Kris and I went out to dinner and had a really nice time.  He's very gentlemanly; opened the door, asked me to pick the table, and refused to have me pay for my part of the meal.  We talked the whole time not having any awkward silences.  He's very personable, charming, and quite handsome.  We seem to have a few things in common.  I would like to confirm that I would like to put my membership on hold for right now to see how it goes with Kris before seeing someone else.  

Thank you for your time in finding him,