August 14, 2013

By Published On: September 14, 2013


Bonnie and I met at Tuscano’s and hit it off right away. She liked that I didn’t flinch from the different food she got me to taste. Our second date was me taking her to her church on Sunday. She was afraid I would baulk but surprised that I didn’t. I am Christian and so is she so we enjoyed our time there. I have asked her out again on Thursday the 5th to dinner and hopefully some walking and kissing will be involved.

Bonnie is fun spontaneous and speaks her mind. She likes just to talk about all fields of life and I enjoy her straightforwardness.
She has kids but she isn’t hung up on them and she is grandmother like I am a grand father and we enjoy that sameness. She feels really good to be with and I hope she feels the same. There is something there between us that I would like to explore and hope she is receptive.

I am asking to have my account suspended for the three months. If there is a change we will let you know. wish me luck.


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