Hi Kathrine,

Thanks for your email.  I appreciate your enthusiasm about our successful date.  Michael is a very kind and considerate person. He is a gentleman and treated me like a lady. I was very impressed that he put thought and effort into planning a nice date for us rather than asking me to come with something  He took me to Tuscano’s, a very nice restaurant. He then invited me to go to a movie and ice cream afterwards. He wasn’t afraid to show me a good time.

Michael is a confident person, yet not conceited. He was well-groomed and nicely dressed which I greatly appreciated. He is a great conversationalist, enthusiastic and fun to be around. He was very open and honest about his life and what he was feeling about me during our date.  He was very complimentary about me. We discovered that we have many things in common such as sports, and many other similar tastes. We made an immediate connection and decided that we should date each other for a while and see where it goes rather than pursue others at this time.

This email will confirm that I would like my account put on hold until I see how this relationship moves along.

Kathrine, I appreciate the time we spent having some very candid conversations about what I wanted and expected from this program. Thank you for listening and recognizing that Michael and I would make a good match.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going.