Dr. Terri Orbuch, author of the book Finding Love Again.

Book Review: Finding Love Again

By Published On: April 24, 2024

Finding Love Again is absolutely possible, especially when you have the right tools to help guide you. At Love Life Academy, our all-time favorite tool is Dr. Terri Orbuch’s masterpiece, “Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship.”

This book offers a game-changing approach to modern dating. Unlike other self-help books filled with varying opinions, trends, or baseless information, “Finding Love Again” is firmly rooted in facts.

Dr. Orbuch, the author, has directed the long-term research project called the Early Years of Marriage Project for over 30 years. Through her research, she identified key factors for a healthy dating and relationship journey. She breaks down these factors in an exciting, comfortable, and achievable way for every reader.

In this blog, our team of Science-Based Certified Dating and Relationship Coaches, certified by Dr. Orbuch, share their all-time favorite lessons from this treasured book.


“I remember the day I read the lesson on values… It completely changed my life,” 

Heather has been married for over 20 years. When she learned about core values and the impact they have on relationships, it not only changed her life but also strengthened her marriage.

Through exploring her own values, she found that her shared value with her husband was physical movement. In a profound moment of deep sorrow and tragedy, she recalls her husband taking her on a run. What seems like something so insignificant to others, this gesture saved her from darkness consuming her.

“It was as though he could read my mind… He knew what I needed without me needing to ask.”

Throughout her career as a Dating Coach, she has committed to sharing this lesson with anyone willing to listen. It’s not height, hair color, looks, career, or education that bring you closer to your partner… It’s sharing core values.


Dawn recently shared advice from the book “Finding Love Again” with her client, Susan. After discovering that Susan’s husband was unfaithful, Susan’s marriage of 25 years ended in a devastating divorce.

Susan came to us desperate to understand how to trust herself and a partner again. Through the education Dawn received from the book, paired with her certification, Dawn was able to guide Susan through her healing journey.

Dawn presented the trust cues Dr. Orbuch shares in her book, which brought a feeling of confidence over Susan. She also learned to trust herself and listen to her instincts.

“It felt like an aha moment for Susan.”


Lisa’s biggest takeaway from “Finding Love Again” was a lesson on first dates.

“I learned that sharing too much on a first date is a really bad idea.”

Lisa’s clients struggled with the same topic as everyone else: first dates. Through her certification and the insights gained from “Finding Love Again”, she found that most of us simply want to connect with others but are unsure of how to do so effectively.

She highlights that most singles want to avoid loneliness. And at times, we can accidentally over-share and move too quickly, which decreases the odds of establishing a healthy, long-term connection.

“We want to allow intimacy to build slowly and organically,” shares Lisa. Through the guidance of this book and her certification, she teaches her clients how to build connections slowly and deliberately while feeling less lonely and in control of their dating lives.


This book reminds us that dating and relationships don’t have to be difficult. If you are aware of your core needs and values, accept yourself, and are willing to put in some work, you can and will find the love that you deserve.

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Written by : Heather Drury

I love writing to share helpful tips on dating and relationships. I believe everyone deserves a chance at meaningful connections. Through my blogs, I break down important topics into practical lessons, aiming to empower people with essential dating and relationship skills for a thriving personal life.

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