Knowing her has been a blessing

She is extremely easy to talk to, and she seems to have her life together. My favorite thing about her is how much she loves her children. I have the same love for my children. I have 3 of my own. She has a granddaughter that may as well be her daughter. I’ve done many years of volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Family is very important to both of us. Knowing D has been a blessing.

She is a wonderful person

N and I have had several dates so far and each one we have enjoyed each other's company, conversation and laughter. She seems to be a wonderful, honest, caring person and we seem to have many things in common. I am looking forward to getting to know N better and seeing where our relationship will go.

We found love

We found love with each other. His values and character drew me to him. I appreciate his commitment to his health. I love his warmth and vitality, his incredible sense of humor, and just his calming energy as a man. I came to my matchmaker looking for loyalty, commitment and consistency, and you’ve found the man. He has earned my heart in a short period of time.

We really enjoy being together

At first, I didn’t think R was for me. At the end of our second date I could tell he thought I was something special. We had great conversations and laughed a lot. On our third date R went out of his way to make the date special. We were able to compromise on some big issues. We really enjoy being together, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

An all-around good guy

I’d love to spend more time getting to know him. He is an all around good guy. He treats me with respect and knows how to be a gentleman. Please place my membership on Happy Hold.

A bright light in my life

D is funny, sweet and kind. Thank you Felicity and Rebecca for bringing such a bright light to my life! It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful as well! ;)

We finish each other's sentences

She fits the description of what I asked for almost 100%. We act as if we’ve known each other a lifetime. We actually finish each other’s sentences. She makes me feel totally at home and we can’t stop laughing. In a very short time we were telling family, friends and others about each other. Without realizing it we have been shopping at the same stores and frequently in the same restaurant where we first met. We both come up with things we want to do with ease. I couldn’t be happier about meeting this delightful lady. Thanks to our matchmaker’s efforts in helping us meet.

I don't want to meet anyone else

I would like a happy hold for S. She is a very interesting person. She has traveled and scuba dived. I am enjoying getting to know her. She is a nice lady. She went to visit her brother while on a trip and is family oriented. I would like to get to know her better. I would like Happy hold for now before I meet anyone else.

He makes me laugh

I would like to go on happy hold with B. He is odd but interesting and he makes me laugh. He is very intelligent. He seems interested in me as well. I guess we are both curious about each other. I would like to get to know him better.

She's everything I'm looking for

She’s everything I am looking for in a partner. Smart, pretty, funny, and her personality compliments mine very well. Thank you Oliver for setting us up!