His happy energy

Yes, I want to go on happy hold! His happy energy matches mine. We’re having so much fun! He wants to try all the crazy things I like to do.

We to each other talk every day

Well, he is the nicest guy. We talk every day. I have covid and he brings food drinks, etc to my door. We're planning on doing a lot of things by looking at him I would not have picked him but he is sweet. It's going to be a great holiday this year. He is growing on me. Thanks for the happy hold
We have been on 4 dates and are very comfortable together.

This is so surprising

This is so surprising to me. We had a good time together, and I genuinely enjoyed his company. It’s really new but promising. We are taking our time to get to know each other.

He's supportive when I'm blue

Things are going along nicely with N. We have met each other’s friends and family. We are going to events together. We are communicating really well. We seem to know what each other is talking about. He is supportive when I am feeling blue. We are working out the kinks as with any new relationship. It is a very adult relationship. We put in the work and make sure we talk things out and communicate. It is very nice. I didn't think dating someone without kids wouldn't work but it is nice not to have the pressure. Even my dog likes him. He is developing a special bark!

We have a really good dynamic

D called me within 24 hours of receiving the introduction which stood out because the other matches either waited until the last minute of the 48-hour hold or didn’t even call me at all and I had to call them. D and I met at a coffee shop for 2 hours and got to know each other. I liked how he pulled out my chair, a gesture that was very gentlemanly.

We had no trouble making conversation, had ample eye contact, and he was honest about not having any past significant relationships whereas most people would feel shame, he owned it and explained he was doing it to get a stable foundation. He knew himself even though he lacked prior relationship experience. We connected a weird coincidence, that neither was able to roleplay as bad people. It showed a purity of heart and almost a rare innocence.

He was a bit shy and less communicative outside of the date, but when I approached him about it and asked for what I needed, (to show me that he was interested by sending a couple of texts instead of blanket silence) he listened to my rationale and then made the free will choice to make me feel happy. I think we have a really good dynamic.

He's super cute

Lori has been a fantastic matchmaker. She took time to get to know me and support me. Because of that, she was able to find me an incredible match. N’s and my values line up amazingly (almost eerily so). We share similar views on religion, family, kindness, and politics. We even made the same joke on our first date. He is smart, really funny, respectful, patient, a true gentleman, and did I mention really funny? And he’s super cute. And sweet. We also share a lot of similar interests. I enjoy matching with someone who is also geeky because it gives us something to bond over. He creates a safe space for me for which I feel liked and doted on and special and amazing. This is a feeling unlike anything I’ve ever had in dating (in and out of matchmaking). It just seems like everything aligns perfectly. Like two puzzle pieces fitting together. I’m so grateful to Lori for taking the time to find me such an amazing man who makes me really excited for my future.

Intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful

She is intelligent, thoughtful, and beautiful. This is someone I've been looking for, for a long time! Mika our matchmaker did an unbelievable job introducing C and me. C hits all the boxes I was looking for. Our conversations always flow with both parties communicating.

Things seem too perfect

Mika did an amazing job matching D and I. She took into consideration everything I told her I was looking for in the perfect companion and found me someone who met pretty much all of my criteria. D is friendly and compassionate and has a great sense of humor. He is also very active, which is important to me.

We enjoy each other's company and eagerly anticipate our next opportunity to spend time together. While I wasn't initially attracted to him, the fact that I like him so much is rapidly changing that, and at least from my perspective, the chemistry is growing each time I see him.

Both of us keep asking ourselves, and each other, "What are we missing????" since things seem too perfect. But each time we spend time together, things just get better. I have yet to find anything that I don't like about him and I am really looking forward to seeing where things go from here. Thanks again! :)

This could be special

The more I get to know R, the more I like her and think this could be something special. She’s beautiful, intelligent, caring, and has many of the same interests I do. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve had this feeling about someone - excitement and anticipation where I think about her every day and can’t wait to see her again. Thank you, Felicity, for finding R for me.

He is genuine and kind

Felicity was right, R is the nicest man. I feel he is genuine and kind. I find him intelligent and interesting and become more attracted to him with each interaction. I think we have a lot in common and are looking for the same thing. I take things a little slower than most people due to past experiences. However, once I feel safe and trust the other person, I am in it 100%.