Roses from a client

Roses sent to our Matchmaker Sabrina!

"Thank you. Jim is a sweetheart. Bless you for putting us together."

He brings a smile to my face!

I am confirming that I wish to take a Happy Hold.  Thank you for matching me with Walt.  He is genuinely the most interesting man I have met since becoming a widow seven years ago.  He is intelligent, warm and considerate. He is healthy and, like me, has a healthy lifestyle.  His love for the outdoors and animals attracts me a great deal.  Most important, he brings a smile to my face!

We are communicating so well, and both interested in finding a long-term relationship but are going slow and enjoying the journey.  I feel hopeful, but plan to be patient and see how it develops with him.



Hi Andrea -

Thanks for your call earlier today inquiring about my meeting with Sharon.  We had a lengthy first meeting, four hours, during which the time passed seemed irrelevant. Sharon and I share an interest in esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual matters . . . thus accounting for as much time as we were together on our first meeting. We shared how we both like to dance, she more so ballroom, whereas I more 'freestyle".

She enjoys travel as do I, and we are both looking for a travel companion as well as an opposite gender companion for other activities of mutual interest. In that regard, I wish to place my membership on hold so Sharon and I may discover and explore those other interests that may result in a long term match. Andrea, your diligence in the pursuit of finding a match for me has been exemplary, learning more about the preferences for which I'm looking in a mate and potential significant other.