It's very special

It’s almost like she's a female version of me! We haven't found anything we don't agree on or like to do the same way. I am truly enjoying everything about the relationship, and so far it is very special in all ways.

It's going nicely

I have actually been seeing my first introduction, F. We met in September. I was nervous about our eight year older than me age difference, but I’ve decided not to let that stand in the way. And it is going nicely. We have been on one trip together already and we are going on an island vacation for Thanksgiving.

We're taking things slowly

K is a warm person and easy to talk to. She is a conservative woman. We’re older, but she is still full of life and enjoys living and doing things. We enjoy one another’s company, and we’re taking things slowly while spending as much time as reasonably possible together. It’s been a short time so I’m waiting and so excited to see where things progress.

It is very nice

Everything is going just fine. J and I are enjoying each other's company. We have gone on drives and four-wheeling. We have gone out to eat and are friends who are enjoying each other's time. We will see what happens. It is very nice.

This is comfortable

We are becoming better friends and getting to know each other better. Beginning on a friendship basis is what’s comfortable for us, we will see how this seed grows. I'm giving the relationship to God. He's in control and He will eventually show us more about one another so we can decide from there.

We're planning trips together

C and I share many common interests. We love new restaurants and travel. We're currently planning a trip to the beach in February, and possibly a river cruise in Europe next summer. For these reasons, and so many more, I feel it's time to put new matches on hold.

It has been going well

I am really enjoying getting to know L. She is cute and funny. We like some of the same things. We get along very well. We went to the zoo together which was so much fun. We have gone to some dinners and have a movie planned this weekend. It has been going well. I’m excited to see where it goes.

We've seen each other many times

D and I have seen each other many times and we are having so much fun getting to know one another. I didn't even think to fill out the feedback survey. We have gone on drives in the country and 4 wheeling. We have gone to restaurants and things are going nicely. I am enjoying getting to know him. We have decided to be friends for now, but we both agree that is where a strong relationship should start.

I asked for someone, and you found him!

Thanks for your help! I asked to find someone who is smarter than I am and has seen the world more than I have. You found him. R is also a good person. It took a bit to align our expectations but we are on the same page now and we're our way to knowing each other better. We both have a lot of hope for a long term relationship. Thanks!

We're enjoying the process together

D and I are getting to know each other and we are enjoying that process enough to want to stay focused on each other first. We’d like to go on happy hold together to see where this relationship goes. Thank you so much for the excellent introduction!