A gentleman


David is very easy to talk to, his is nice looking, dresses well. He puts a lot of pride and hard work into his projects. He has a nice smile, he is a gentleman, very genuine and caring.

Very handsome

Hi Megan,
The matchmaking department has been very responsive and easy to work with. My experience with you has been very good.  You are easy to talk to and I enjoy working with you.
Steven has a lot of good qualities, friendly, easy to talk to, funny, caring, just an all around good guy.  He is also very handsome and I enjoy my time with him.
This confirms that I want to put my membership on hold and see where it goes with Steven.  Per our conversation the hold time begins on April 15th.
Thanks so much!

Great matchmaker

Hi Jess,
     I really enjoyed meeting Mark because he is a very nice person,fun and a gentleman. I look forward to getting to know him better! I have had a very positive experience with Ok singles! Jess , you are a great matchmaker and do an excellent job!
I would like to put my membership on hold. I will give you a call when I am ready to get back in the dating game!Thank you for a good experience! Sandy

Steel blue eyes


My experience thus far with Brenda has been great. I love her steel blue eyes not to mention her charming personality, humor, and caring nature. Although it has been only 3 weeks since we first met it seems as though the relationship has been ongoing for months. I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with Brenda and hopefully establishing an even closer bond. Having said this I’d like to place my membership on hold for the time being. Since this is my first match I can honestly say that I am pleased with the matchmaking thus far.

Rodney & Brenda

Hi Amber,
Rodney and Brenda here together finally getting back to you.  Sorry it took so long for us to reach out to you; we've been very busy getting to know each other more.  Thank you for introducing us.  It has been a great experience.
Some of the qualities I appreciate about Rodney are his kindness, values and passion for life and for me and a relationship.  It has been crazy how much we have in common.  Although we are a few years apart in age we grew up in the same area and attended the same schools.  We laugh, talk about everything and just really enjoy our time together.  I love that I can be me around him and my friends really like him.  Next step will be introduction to the family hopefully in the next couple months.  Also Rodney has decided to take the motorcycle riding class so he can join me in my passion and hopefully soon I'll have my partner to ride Harley with.   My experience with the matchmaking department was very brief because Rodney was my first match but my experience was very good.  I appreciate the work that you and Megan did together for me.  It made a believer out of me in using a personal matchmaker.
Some of the qualities I appreciate about Brenda are her big heart of caring, that she is active, takes care of her self, and especially knows who she is!! From the first time we met we have meshed well together. Thank you Amber for seeing something in Brenda, and being excited about it. My experience working with you was fun, and a great experience! Look Amber it actually did work! Thank you again for all your hard work and caring about your client. I would highly recommend you.
Amber, we both would like to put our membership on hold as we continue to get to know each other and continue our adventure.  Thank you again for our introduction.  It really makes us wonder what you saw in our profiles that made you so excited for us to meet!  We are glad whatever it was.
Best to you,
Rodney & Brenda

The first match


Joseph is caring and a very good listener. I like him because he is focused and encouraged me about my education. I do like the experience because the first match was good right age and like you said you find things that you enjoy in common. And yes I would like to put it on hold as I get to know Joseph more

A great woman, that's for sure.

Hi jess this is mark so, Sandy and I are getting along ok we anticipate going on our third date this Thursday 4-21-16 she hasn't felt well as of late. We seem to be very compatible with each other. We never run outta things to talk about. She is beautiful to me inside and out. A great personality! A great woman, that's for sure. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. So we can go out again that's all to report for now. Thank you jess for all you do

Thank you for really listening

Hi Jess,

I am enjoying my time getting to know Jon.  We have many things in common, and enjoy any outdoor activity. It is nice to find someone who enjoys being active and actually has time to engage in the activities.  We have enjoyed hiking, gun ranges, indoor skydiving, spa weekends, hockey games, exploring different restaurants, working out together, and bowling. We are planning camping trips, additional hiking trips, scuba diving, and family and friend get together.
The connection is there both in attractiveness and physicality. Our communication styles work well, and we laugh a lot.
At this time, I would like to place my status on hold so that I can continue to get to know Jon better.
Thank you for really listening to what interested me and what I am looking for in a relationship.

I appreciate you

Hi Jess!
Yes;  I definitely want my membership to be put on hold.
I appreciate Dewayne's openness with communication and affection.  He seems to be a good father and takes care of his family.  He is down-to-earth and has an "old-school" approach to many things.  He tries to be a realist about politics and doesn't mind taking unpopular viewpoints on issues when he believes he is right.   He has a good Christian background, and continues to have a respect and desire towards being right before God.
Thanks for your assistance, and for your patience with me!  I appreciate your open ear and direction.

Good at matching


Melodee is successful as she manages her own property she leases. She cares about others. She seems to be understanding. The matchmaking department was good at matching Melodee an myself. I'm still not sure about Melodee. It takes time to know someone. Please put my membership on hold as of this date. Thank you.