Hi Sabrina-  it wasn’t till my second meeting with Mike did I feel a connection with him. He was nervous the first meeting, so it was difficult for me to tell his interest.
     But once we spoke on the phone more, and had our second date, my opinion changed.
     The qualities I am liking in Mike so far, is his initiative to contact me. He has been calling when he says he will call. He is outgoing and talkative. Loves his work and is ambitious. He speaks of his family often. I like that very much. Family is important to me, even though I don’t have children.
     He has been a gentlemen, opening doors, paying for our dates.
He has a great smile, and I feel safe with him.
     I am happily putting my membership on hold. I’d like to get to know Mike better. And for me, I can’t do that while dating others.