Good Afternoon Jess,
I received Sandy’s name and telephone number on Friday. I called her and we agreed to meet at Mimi’s restaurant about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. We had lunch and remained in the booth talking for about three hours. We have conversed by phone daily since our luncheon.
We have a lot in common, we both enjoy traveling. We are planning a trip and she has voiced a desire to go to Mount Rushmore and Niagra Falls.
Parallels in our life histories include, an adult child, widowed, divorced, pets, positive attitudes about life. She is retired; I have not yet learned her financial status, how much disposable income she receives each month.
My experience with you has been pleasant and produced the results I would expect of a matchmaking service. This was my first experience and, not knowing a lot about what to expect, I am pleased with your service and would consider utilizing it again, should the need arise.
At this time, I am requesting that my membership be placed on hold.
Thank you.