Our dates last six hours!

For starters, J is a genuinely good person. I don’t remember ever being this comfortable around someone. We have gone on so many dates that I have completely lost track. On average our dates are 6 hours, and honestly, there is never a dull moment. Our interests and values align in a way that is perfect. There is just enough difference, that we continue to intrigue each other with each date. Our values align with each other in a way that is teaching me more about myself, that I didn’t previously under. She is also very intelligent, and honest. Her honesty and vulnerability is the most attractive character quality that I truly appreciate. I can legitimately see this connection evolving into one of the most meaningful relationships that I have ever had.

I always have a good time

L is a very sweet person. He's genuine and I always have a really good time hanging out with him. He's a great listener and makes me feel very comfortable and at ease.

We had our first kiss

On our first date after an hour in we were at ease with each other and conversation just flowed. We knew after about 2 hours we both wanted a 2nd date which we set for days later. I met her at the midpoint between our houses, picked her up and went to dinner and had a good visit. Got back to her car and she invited me to her house for some ice cream and a lot of talking. We have now seen each other for 6 days straight and had our first kiss last night. Seems like we have known each other longer than the short time we have been together.

We enjoy each other's company very much

G and I have many things in common, and we enjoy each other's company very much. Things have been going well so far. I’m excited that I will be visiting with her later this week and next week.

She's lovely

She’s lovely. She has a great warm smile, she’s very bright and fun to talk to. I love that she’s an affectionate person by nature and that she’s super down to earth

We're falling in love

D is an incredible, beautiful and very sexy woman. We had been texting and talking on the phone for several days before we met in person. We were already falling for each other even before meeting face to face. When we did finally meet, it may have been love at first sight, which I didn't even know was possible! It has been less than two weeks, and I have no doubt that we are falling in love. D is the sweetest and most compassionate person that I have ever met. All I want is to be with her and for us to experience life together. I can't imagine that there is anyone else out there that could have been a more perfect match!

Can you faint from happiness?

Can you faint from happiness? I can't stop smiling. The last 10 days with B have been incredible. We connected instantly and have never looked back. We are on this love journey together. I have found my best friend and forever partner ❤️

From the word go

When I met D for coffee on our first date, we knew this was going to be different, and it has been! From the word go, we have had great conversation that last for hours, speaking from the heart and not just to hear the words. Our goals align with our wants and desires for each other and our time spent together never seems to go slow enough. In the short time we have shared together we can tell this is a match that God himself has made and we are to follow, and so shall we follow!

My safe space

I found my safe place. R is a gentle giant. When we are together it's easy to tune out the world. We are having intentional and deep conversations to create a relationship foundation. We want to build something stable and solid for the future. So many of our interests and desires are in alignment that we are already finishing each other's sentences. I look forward to seeing what develops as we focus on a future together. We are vulnerable with one another, tender, and at the same time have fun and play together. I light up every time I hear from him or am with him. He accepts me just as I am and I offer the same gift to him.

He makes my heart sing

He makes my heart sing. I feel so happy and full of joy when I am with him or even just when I hear his voice.