Hit it off right from the start

First, I would like to say that I enjoy working with Gianni.  She always returns my calls quickly. The first match she set me up with was Noah.  We hit it off right from the start and went out again the next day.  I appreciate the fact that he is a gentleman and is very respectful and kind.
At this time, I would like to put my membership on hold and spend some time with Noah to see where the relationship might go.
Thanks again, 

The woman I've been waiting for

Thank You Jessica
Violet is the sweetest most beautiful woman I have ever known inside and out. To put it plainly she is the woman I've been waiting for. Her kindness, compassion and sharing has taken my heart. We are both very passionate people that can't seem to spoil each other enough. And of course I want my account put on hold my heart, mind and soul tell me she is the one and only for me. She brings a joy and light into my I never even knew I was missing. Thank you again

Taking some time to get to know each other

Judy and I are taking some time to get to know each other and I would like to put my membership on hold at this time
so there are no other distractions.
Judy is easy to communicate with and we have many of the same values. She is very active and always looking to do more activities.

Gorgeous eyes


I am very much enjoying Pat.  We are becoming good friends.  The third of the year is her busiest time of the year yet she is more than willing to make time to get to know me.  There are many attributes about her that I like.  Foremost, she is a true Christian.  We have very similar beliefs and I can tell from the way she talks that she demonstrates her beliefs in how she lives her life.  She is a great conversationalist, and I really enjoying talking with her and learning about her.  She not only talks, but she is a listener and remembers things I say.  I really enjoy listening to her as she has a very pleasant voice and she is open.  She loves her kids and has deep concern for them.  We have several common interests and I am looking forward to exploring those with her.  I could tell that I liked her before I ever set eyes on her, but I think she is a very beautiful woman.  She has gorgeous eyes, nice facial features, pretty hair, and keeps in shape.  I am looking forward to getting to know her more and hopefully the friendship grows to the point that we are romantic.

At this time, I would like to put my membership on hold and concentrate on Pat.  Thank you very much for matching me with her.
Have a great day,


This is a brief statement why I am placing myself on hold.
Dotty and I have really hit a mutual admiration for each other. My dates
with her have been so wonderful. We just seem to mix extremely well. Our
dates seem to get continually longer due to the fact we want to learn
everything we can about each other. She is so easy for me to talk to.
Since I feel we have hit It off so well, I would like to put myself on

I am very pleased with your services

Hi Deja -
Thank you for your e-mail.  I am very pleased with your services – you have all been very professional and understanding.  You have managed to hit the mark insofar as what works for me, especially with Kiran.  I absolutely want to go on hold, while Kiran and I continue to get to know each other.  My guess is that you and your office will have earned your money in the fashion that I thought you would.  When I signed up, I told Maria – I trust that you are the best and that you can get it done in 6 or under tries.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but I thing you may have done it in two shots with me – Kiran is absolutely wonderful!  She knows no stranger, is personable, has a remarkable wit, is very smart, worldly, but not pretentious, and is a fox.  I love her commitment to her family, her students, the community, and the larger community.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and a strong work ethic.  She is patient, sensual, and communicative.  I don’t know where this will end up, but I certainly have high hopes and I appreciate you putting my membership on hold.
Thank you again for all of your hard work (especially encouraging her to date me, even though I had kids, who were “older” - seriously, that made a difference in her decision that you encouraged her – thank you :)  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Valentine's Day date

Hi Brie,

Linda is a lady with character and class.  Linda smiles an very open to our conversations and responding to her likes and dislikes as well. Linda and I have much in common such as travel, walking, dining out, Linda takes Ballroom Dancing Lessons and I enjoy dancing as well. When we first met Linda was open to a gentle hug vs an extended hand shake.  Linda is an all around attractive lady.  In fact we are going for a walk on Valentines Day.  After Brie was assigned to my match program I have become better  pleased with Singles as she is dedicated to her career and a caring lady as well.
I choose to have future matches placed on hold as of 2/14/2017 so Linda and I can become better acquainted and decide if we have a future for a permanent relationship.

Matchmaker Success Stories 24

I'm so thankful for Gianna and Singles for setting me up with Noah. I have never been able to find someone of this quality anywhere else. He is the kindest person I know, and I love spending time with him. He has a great heart and awesome personality. I would like to take time to get to know him better, so I am asking that you put my membership on hold for now.

Engaged on Valentine's Day!!!

Dear Brie,
I want to thank you you for working 
So hard to help me find my Mitchell!
I really liked working with you. 
You are very professional yet
Also personable and sweet!
It has taken me so long to reply 
Because he and I have been very
busy spending a lot of time 
Together. He is what I have been
looking for since I was 20 years
old!  He is affectionate, kind, 
respectful, loving, sweet, a great
father and son, has a wonderful 
 Sense of humor, so very good 
looking, mature, he's served honorably 
our military, he loves the Lord, and
to finish this run-on sentence, I
have finally found someone who 
Loves me exactly the way I am. 
It took a few introductions to find
but Mitchell, but those dates were
Nothing like the horrible 
Experiences I had on Match!
I would like to cancel my member
ship as Mitchell and I are getting
engaged on Valentine's Day!!!❤
So, congratulations Brie!
You are a success!!!

Keeps me laughing.

Randall is a true gentleman. He is extremely thoughtful and respectful. He treats me like a lady. Has a great sense of humor,  keeps me laughing. Appreciates little things. He is a family oriented man. He is straight forward. 
I have enjoyed working with the matchmaking department. Brie has been a true delight to work with. 
At this time I would like to put my membership on hold to get to know Randall better. 
Thank you! Shana