Valentine’s Day date

By Published On: February 14, 2017

Hi Brie,

Linda is a lady with character and class.  Linda smiles an very open to our conversations and responding to her likes and dislikes as well. Linda and I have much in common such as travel, walking, dining out, Linda takes Ballroom Dancing Lessons and I enjoy dancing as well. When we first met Linda was open to a gentle hug vs an extended hand shake.  Linda is an all around attractive lady.  In fact we are going for a walk on Valentines Day.  After Brie was assigned to my match program I have become better  pleased with Singles as she is dedicated to her career and a caring lady as well.
I choose to have future matches placed on hold as of 2/14/2017 so Linda and I can become better acquainted and decide if we have a future for a permanent relationship.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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