A heart melting genuine smile

Hello Jessica!!
Confirming my desire to hold.
Positives and my appreciation for Dave, I find him attractive with a heart melting genuine smile, he is dependable, kind to me and others, has moral integrity I've seen many times. Dave has a great sense of humor with fun sarcasm, not mean, he is generous, sometimes to a fault, as he has allowed himself to be taken advantage of. Dave has a good job and income, has temperance, gratitude, proud of his past family heritage and hard work. Dave has true friends and great personal hygiene 😁, and is strives to be active toward his overall health.
Thank you for pushing him to drive the long distance of 25 miles, we laugh about it.

A wonderful matchmaker

Hi, Brie!

I had a wonderful experience with Rita!  I would like to place my membership on a happy hold.

Rita is a very charming and warm hearted person.  She is very accomplished professionally and personally.  I enjoyed speaking with Rita in that she was very personable and willing to share and participate in the conversation.  We had a number of items in common and seemed to both appreciate family, traveling and sharing of our life experiences.  I enjoyed my time with her immensely and have asked her out again.  This is why I am asking for my membership to be on hold to hopefully take this opportunity to see where things may go.

Brie has been a wonderful matchmaker.  She has introduced me to people as described and has listened to my feedback.  It has been enjoyable to work with Brie!



Thank you for our introduction.

Yes, Patrice, Please put my account on hold.

Susan and I have had 3 dinners out together and long conversations exploring likes and similarities. Susan has a very full life with family and church and other activities and I hope she will be able to include me as time goes by and we get to be more comfortable with each other. Thank you for our introduction.


A breath of fresh air

Hi Gianni,

I am confirming I would like to be put on a happy hold until further notice. I am excited to have met Sally. We seem to have quit a few things in common. She is the right age for me. She has been a kind of a breath of fresh air for me. She has a lot of energy and is always doing something fun. She is cute, has a nice figure and takes care of herself. She has a strong personality and can be a lot sometimes, but I like it. We are going slow, which is fine with both of us.
Thank you Gianni for finding Sally for me. I have been on a lot of dates and was getting a bit frustrated, but always hopeful. Thanks for your always upbeat personality ! Always a pleasure talking with you.