• July 27, 20181 min

    Hello Jessica!! Confirming my desire to hold. Positives and my appreciation for Dave, I find him attractive with a heart melting genuine smile, he is dependable, kind to me and others, has moral integrity I've seen many times. Dave has a great sense of humor with fun sarcasm, not mean, [...]

  • July 17, 20181 min

    Hi, Brie! I had a wonderful experience with Rita!  I would like to place my membership on a happy hold. Rita is a very charming and warm hearted person.  She is very accomplished professionally and personally.  I enjoyed speaking with Rita in that she was very personable and willing to [...]

  • July 9, 20180 min

    Yes, Patrice, Please put my account on hold. Susan and I have had 3 dinners out together and long conversations exploring likes and similarities. Susan has a very full life with family and church and other activities and I hope she will be able to include me as time goes [...]

  • July 6, 20181 min

    Hi Gianni, I am confirming I would like to be put on a happy hold until further notice. I am excited to have met Sally. We seem to have quit a few things in common. She is the right age for me. She has been a kind of a breath of [...]