My dream man

Hi Brie and Matchmaker team ,

1- I think your policy of holding membership is great idea . Yes , I would like to place my membership on hold for now .
¬† 2- I like working with Brie . Brie responded to my wish well . Due to age group , I like to meet man from 60 to 68 . I like men thin and tall . So far , Brie found my matches well , but unfortunately, the chemistry was not there ... so I was keeping looking ... Thanks Brie , we communicate well , even we missed each other phone calls some times . I hope you will find my dream man . Matchmaker is my last try ūüĎć. I really get tired of website dating .
3- About Chris , he is educated man , he retired , so he has time and money to travel with me , that is important to me . He is a nice , gentleman, soft spoken , seem sweet person . He dressed up nice on first met , neat  person . He said I make him happy .. We will meet again and I hope I find that chemistry in him .
  Thanks Brie and your team to work hard for us , people who needs one good person for good life .

Zest for life

Theresa is sweet , kind , and has a very pure heart. She is someone I can trust with my heart and future. She loves nature and adventure new one and ones she has already had. She loves sharing her zest for life. I want to see her every chance we get. Please put my membership on happy hold.

We are astounded

Hi! Since Rick and I met 3 weeks ago, we’ve been on multiple dinner dates, attended music events, museum tours, movies, hikes and walks. We are astounded, even incredulous about how much we have in common. Each call or meeting uncovers yet more factors that mutual. Rick said yesterday that he feels we have only scratched the surface and placed his membership on hold as I have done today.
I admit, I was frustrated with my other date experience last year with your only other available match - I am feeling quite optimistic about this new relationship with gratitude that we were both in the same dating program at the same time.
Thanks and best regards,

Chemistry right away

Hi Michelle,

I am confirming that I want to go on hold to give me a chance to see how things work out with Anita.
Anita and I seemed to have chemistry right away, and even though it took a while to really seem to blossom, she did give just the right about of encouragement to keep my interest going.  She is very stylish and down to earth which is very nice because it made me feel very comfortable.  It also helps that we have lots of other things in common: music choices, desire to keep active, political views, etc.

Great to talk to

Yes please place on hold for now.  Right now Nicole and I are going to get to know one another better.  She seems to have a bubbly personality and is great to talk to.  I will let you know the status.  Talk to you later.

Please place membership on hold.

Please place membership on hold. Second meeting with Joy found that she likes to get out an see different things and places. Very easy to talk to and open to all subjects. Still getting to know each other.

One of the best matchmaker I've ever worked with

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to give you an update on my current status.
I think Ming is a very caring, loving, genuinely affectionate woman, someone I've been looking for some quite some time now.  She and I share the same values, love traveling together, share the same goals and she always cracks me up...we share so much in common that after our third date to Santa Cruz we began talking about marriage which was both of our goals after all.  All our friends thought, no way, waaaay too soon.  But it only felt fast because we were having so much fun together, why not, how could this get any better...we thought perhaps we were made for each other but we both agreed to listen to our friends and take our time to get to know each other better.  Marriage is a serious commitment with many personal life changes especially with our homes so it made sense to go slow, and make sure.  We both agreed to go exclusive and not continue dating others.
Jess, you are one of the best matchmaker I've ever worked with; you are indeed the most lovely and kind person I have met who took the time to seriously listen to me, to understand what I was looking for.  I can tell you definitely love what you do and could tell when I met you the first time.  I knew it takes a while to find a good match and I really appreciate that you made so much of an effort to find me the right person rather than just setting me up with anyone I may not go along with.
Some matchmaking services are just filling slots to fill their monthly quota and I have to say in the beginning I did have some reservations because my first match felt like a filler where she didn't have to pay for a membership and I could tell she wasn't taking the date seriously, she didn't ask me any questions and found her answers extremely boring.  But after the second match, it got sooo much better, I was still hopeful.  Ming was my 4th match which isn't too bad for only being 4 months...I was dreading that this would take a whole year or longer, or never.
So, at this time I would like to place my membership on hold until further notice.  I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.
Thanks again Jess!  Appreciate all the effort you put in.  I'm hoping Ming will be a keeper and so far its looking to be that way.  Thank you and God bless!

You helped me make the process fun and easy

Hi Jess,

Thank you for matching me up with Jan- I look forward to learning more about her- She was right on time- fun right out of the gate- No awkward start- it was like we were friends from the first moment- She was easy to talk to- After 15 min we still hadn't ordered our wine- Just a fun night- Jan is intelligent, witty, and uplifting- One just feels good being around her. She showed interest in me, and I could not stop trying to hear more about her- Please place my membership on happy hold.

Jess- you were right on- You described Jan and her personality- It was someone I definitely wanted to meet- My profile from the testing was right on- Your positive voice was always encouraging- You helped me make the process fun and easy- I would recommend you as a fine matchmaker-