Top notch service

Lisa is affectionate and warm.

She goes out of her way to reach out even when its not convenient for her.
She is honest about how she feels and expresses it clearly. She offers stimulating and intelligent conversation, and tries her best to make time for us.
Sabrina is clearly very passionate about what she does, and she takes the time to make quality matches. I think she provides a top notch service for her clients.
I wish to confirm the hold status on my account.

Thanks for introducing me

Hi Sabrina,

I would like to put my membership on hold. Chester is down to earth and easy to talk to. He is a gentleman and very kind. We seem to like a lot of the same things. There seems to be a connection that Chester and I have which we would like to explore and see where it leads. Thanks for introducing me to Chester.

Pursue a relationship

Please put my membership on hold while I pursue a relationship with Ann. She seems nice but we have only met for coffee. Will keep in touch.

I felt tingles when I first saw him

Hi Holly,

Don has so many wonderful qualities. I continually learn new things about him. They are all are positive and suit me well. I was initially drawn to his look and vibe. I felt tingles when I first saw him. My instinct was good. He has proven to be kind, fun, intelligent, compassionate and passionate, I find him very attractive. He makes me feel like he feels the same about me. We have similar backgrounds that click. Both Midwesterners by birth and early years, we both love California now. Our values are shared. We are compatible in our life style and our vision of the future. All of these qualities, and more, make us a True Match. 
As for my experience, I had a rocky start with a mismatch that was caught on the first call from the gentleman involved. That was not a match from the moment we realized we had extremely opposite politics and religion. That came up right away in the call. We thought we were just making a date when one statement lead to another and we both were shocked and unhappy. I immediately called for an explanation and adjustment. They were responsive in the ways I asked. Then you "hit it out of the park" with Don. So ALL that is forgiven and soon forgotten. I would recommend your service to others. 
Warm regards,

Hit it off completely

Hi Holly,
Sarah is very relatable to me because we are both single working full-time parents raising a special needs child.  She is also very passionate about fitness (a gym rat) like me, which is something very special and rare and valuable to me.  I like that she has a really nice easy going relaxed personality like me which made being together very comfortable and I felt like we would be able to become intimate very easily and that being with her physically would be very enjoyable and passionate.  I found her to be very sweet, kind, generous, affectionate and felt like we were both feeling really attracted to each other, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  She is someone who really got my attention and still has fully it.  So of course I want to see her again and we have plans to work out together (of course) this Friday at her gym.  If you haven't gotten it by now, I value women that work out above all others.  She is a great woman in a lot of ways and I felt like we really hit it off completely.  It was the most enjoyable first date Ive ever had and I am very open to her being a long-term partner.  So we'll see how thing go.
This was a good match for me.  Thanks,

Perfect for each other

Michael and I decided to put our membership on hold . We are just perfect  for each other . He is so innocent just like me. We are setting up a time for our next date and some travel plans . Our families background is the same , childhood , spending habits , etc .

I'm looking forward to the future

Hello Marie/Alicia,
Sorry for my late response. Yes I would now as of today put my membership on hold, as Micah & I continue to get to know one another!
There are many things about Micah that I appreciate and have helped build our connection. He is open minded, down to earth and easy to talk to. We have lengthy deep conversations, that spark thought and challenge my mind. I find him and our conversations very intriguing & interesting! I like that he respects me and my opinions. He appreciates me as women, and has a way of making me feel special. We have a lot in common, one thing being a love for music! We enjoy many of the same activities and entertainment options. So planning dates has been effortless. I like that he is a stable self sufficient and independent man. And he makes me laugh!
There is also a strong physical connection, for us both! I'm very much attracted to him!! His eyes & smile have won me over.
So far I have been very happy with the service. I do feel like the goal of finding my match is the priority of everyone I have worked with.
I'm looking forward to the future and falling in love, maybe with Micah! I'll keep you posted.
Thank you,

Llittle butterflies

I appreciate the effort you have put into finding
a match that seems very compatible for me.
After just three dates we have had so much
in common and have enjoyed the dates we've had
that we want to spend time exploring
our relationship further.
I find Terry to be very easy to talk to and we
have many of the same values. Not only do
I find in handsome and attractive he is very
much a gentleman. We both enjoy the out
doors; things like golf, walking, hiking
and biking just to name a few. Music and
dancing are others. We love animals and
So much in common we both like the same
kind of pie as our favorite .
I confirm to you that we have agreed we
want to focus on dating exclusively
this time. I would like to go on what you
consider a "happy hold." If we decide to resume
dating others I will notify you at that time.
Sabrina ,
I realize I may have given you some difficulty
in the past. I know me well at this age!
I believe you have worked hard for the matches
Following our conversations over the last
Several months. This man was a great choice
by you. He is the only one that has really
given me the " little butterflies" a girl can get.
You get an A+ on this one.  We'll see
What happens and I'm looking forward
to seeing over the next weeks/months
what happens!

The single most perfect date I've ever had

Cindy, as she prefers to be called, is simply, probably the single most perfect date I've ever had, get the drift?  She is absolutely delightful, you can tell her that even though I know you won't.  I was incredibly taken away by her humor, which I fed on, and in love with her persona, I can't express my total joy that I was consumed by her being.  Sincerely, Karl.

She knows how to laugh


Sorry I forgot to send this back to you.

Beverly is a great woman who knows how to laugh, not take herself too seriously, and most importantly, we have a lot in common.

Please place my membership on hold.