• August 22, 20131 min

    Kathrine,I like the fact that she was slender.  She was also good looking and we had the same age Generation.  She is active in physical fitness.  She likes to run as well as I do.  She likes all types of activities that I approve of.  We had a very pleasant [...]

  • August 15, 20131 min

    Hi Donni.While nothing in life is certain, and Susan and I have only met once, it seems promising.She has a very busy professional work life and career, odd hours and travel.This may be what I seek.I too have a busy professional life, and a lot of personal interests that may [...]

  • August 13, 20130 min

    Happy hold for Kathrine!

  • August 13, 20131 min

    Kathrine,I am happy to report that I am falling in love with a wonderful woman who loves me as much as I love her. I am very glad that you introduced me to Geno; she is intelligent, adventurous, kind, philosophical, open-minded, and affectionate. Oh, and beautiful too. We spend every [...]

  • August 10, 20130 min

    Samantha,One of the qualities I appreciate about Amber is that she is attentive; she actually asks me things and listens to me. She is also a very soft-spoken, patient, and has a very easy-going attitude. Her attitude is relaxing, calming, and she is very easy to talk to. I am requesting [...]

  • August 10, 20131 min

    Hello Kathrine, Thank you so much for your interest.  Although Susan is not 100% what I asked for in a date, I find her to be charming, and very willing to try to make a relationship work.  She usually wants to do the things I would like to do.  Sometimes even [...]

  • August 10, 20130 min

    Hi Samantha, Tim is a respectful man with a good job. He is funny and polite.  I would like to place my membership on hold.  Thank you,Susan