August 10, 2013

By Published On: August 10, 2013
Hello Kathrine,
Thank you so much for your interest.  Although Susan is not 100% what I asked for in a date, I find her to be charming, and very willing to try to make a relationship work.  She usually wants to do the things I would like to do.  Sometimes even if it’s not what she wanted to do (i.e. choice of a movie).  She does share a lot of the same interests as myself. She is fun, adventurous and intelligent. The minor things where the match wasn’t successful are … she is older than myself and not proportionate in weight to height. Hence, I decided to weigh the more important aspects of who she is – rather than the physical. So, I continue to learn more and more about her.
Your efforts have been a tremendous boost, assisting me in my search for that perfect someone. 
Thank you so much,

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