She gets what I want and need

I'm happily putting my membership on hold, as I've met a man I'd like to spend more time with and see where it goes. Brian it's serious about settling down, is attractive, affectionate and we have great conversation. Meridith has been a great listener and I feel like she gets what I want and need. She also stays right on top of my matchmaking.


Openness and sense of humor


I enjoyed Tom's openness, sense of humor and the fact that we had generational things in common, as well as our taste in music...and I also found him to be physically fit & attractive.


The type I was looking for

Hi Meridith,

I am confirming that I would like to hold in order to get to know Kathy better.
I found that we had many things in common.. music taste, childhood, physical activities, self defense and she has a witty and dry sense of humor which I appreciate.
I’m also physically attracted to Kathy as she is the type I was looking for.

Smitten with each other

Dear Meridith,
Kayla told me when you told her about me, she was reluctant. She said you asked her to give me chance (my words) and she did. We have had a wonderful week and are smitten with each other. Due to your persistence this match has the potential for a long term relationship. Thank you for your help.

She's fantastic!!

My initial experience with this matchmaking service was very disappointing.  Everything changed once I complained and was given Marie as my matchmaker. Marie actually cared about making me happy and pairing me with women that had a real possibility of becoming a relationship.  I have had a couple of long term relationships that developed from her recommendations, which, through no fault of anyone, did not work out.   However, the possibility was there and was fostered by Marie.  I would not work with anyone else and she is the only reason that I still consider using this service.   She's fantastic!!

You are the best matchmaker

Dear Brie:

Lee is a very special man. He is as great a conversationalist as he is a listener. He intelligent and a great deal of fun. He is generous, kind, a good father, and has two rescue dogs. He is a planner and follows through with all promises to call. I am enjoying getting to know him and hope we have a bright future.
You are the best matchmaker because you clearly matched my background and needs with his. We already have an interdependence concern for each other. The one thing you can’t do is second guess chemistry, but somehow you did it anyway!  Bless you, Brie.
I will be happy to be on hold until such time that Lee or I choose to pursue someone else.
My best to you always

We are in love.

Here’s my testimonial:
We are in love. The most serious love either of us have known in many years.  Shawn and I have both been married twice and have teenage sons, but we are both incurable optimists, so we decided to sign up for something more substantial than a typical on-line dating service. We have been there and done that. It took a few tries, but we were both impressed by the persistence of our matchmaking team. Each time things did not work out, our representative called to talk about why the match fell short- and learned from the feedback, refining subsequent offers. A
t first, I thought Shawn lived too far away, but I am so glad I agreed to meet her anyway. She is well worth the drive and we are now so serious, I am actively looking for a new job close to where she lives. She literally fulfills everything on a list I wrote out years ago and is even more than I dared to ask for! We had to laugh when Shawn also recently produced her literal list, and apparently I am everything she wanted too; with one exception- I don’t own a tux- but I intend to fix that very quickly! A wonderful matchmaker named Bree brought us together and we often mention her. We want to do something special for the woman who introduced us to one another. At this point, we believe we will be together forever. Content and wildly happy!

The YING to my YANG


I would love it if you could put my account on "Happy Hold". I think I might have found the YING to my YANG. Diane has been nothing less then a pleasure to be with, and seems to get MORE interesting on each of our dates. When I think i messed up and she will not want to see me again, she always texts to say "when can we go out again?"

I have always thought of myself as a good listener, usually keeping my answers to a simple description. Diane has had me talking more then I'm used too, and I find myself trying to curb my words, so I can learn more about her. We have this chemistry that just seems to "click". I have to admit that I have been a complete gentleman with her, we didn't even kiss until the third date, next week will be our fifth date and we are going at this like a herd of turtles. As I always say, slow and steady wins the race.

I do appreciate all the effort you have put into this for me, I will not forget you.

All good things,


Did a great job matching me

Hi Gianni,

Christina is smart and funny and has a positive attitude.  I was pretty nervous when we first met but she is so engaging and such a good conversationalist that we hit it off right away.  Christina is fun loving and I have a great time being with her.

Please put my membership on hold at this time.

I want to thank you for helping me to meet Christina.  You were very helpful and did a great job matching me with a compatible person.

Thanks again!


A marvelous person with a fantastic personality

Dear Jessica-

Without a doubt this is the most unique experience I have had in meeting a referral. I think she is a marvelous person with a fantastic personality. I find her beautiful and she has a most pleasant manner in how she treats me. I can only hope that this will work out for both of us. She seems to enjoy being with me so that is a very positive sign. Of course it is very early on but I have never had such an overwhelmingly good feeling about a woman that I have met in the dating mode. So we shall see.

With regard to working with you that has been most satisfactory. You respond to my calls quite quickly and you are attentive to my desires with regard to the matching process, especially with regard to my  preference on location within my area. You are definitely sensitive to the kind of person I would like to meet and have done well in trying to match my interests.

I believe it is a good decision to put my membership on hold for the time being to see how the relationship with Jen progresses.


A happy client