You have been the best

It was a pleasure to meet Dan. He was very charming, he was funny and our conversation just flowed. He was a gentleman and he walked me to my car - which for me, that was very impressive.

I would like to see where this goes, so I would like to confirm that I want to put my membership on hold.  Thank you, Gianni, for matching me with Dan. You have been the best at guiding me through the whole process of my experience.

Thank You again and I hope something comes from this date today.

Thank You for the Excellent Service

Hi Kyana,

Brian is a good person with a very warm heart. He has a great sense of humor. There are a number of qualities that hold my attention, but the ones I have mentioned are the reason why I have decided to get to know him better. Thank you for the excellent service your provide.

Have a great day!


Intelligent and Attractive and Adventurous

Phyllis is a very nice lady who is intelligent and attractive and adventurous.

She is looking for a partner as I am. I think at this point we are a good match, so I want to pursue a relationship and see where I goes from here. I want to put a hold on my account for now.


Tall, good looking, nice, kind, a gentleman

Hi Jessica.

I was very happy to meet Todd.  He is tall, good looking, nice, kind, a gentleman.  He text me pics of his trip, knowing I was waiting for him to come back so I can meet him.  He allowed me to talk, he talked too and we were enjoying each other’s company.  He asked me when he can see me again and put it on his calendar.

I would like to see Todd again, so you don’t have to find another date for me until I let you know if things don’t work out with Todd.  Being only one date, I don’t know how it will be, but hopefully it will be a good one.

Thanks again Jessica.


A great kisser

Hi Gianni

Erik and I are really hitting it off, he's great and he thinks I'm wonderful (his words)😊

He's a well traveled and intelligent gentleman, a devoted father and a great kisser😊

all of which is totally awww-worthy. I've honestly never met anyone like him and I'm excited to know more. I believe we're a very good match

Thank you for matching us!

This experience, as of the date of this email has exceeded my expectations. I would like to place the account on hold So I can focus on Erik 😊