She waited and prayed for me

Thank you so much Noemi because without you I would never have found D. I know for a fact that you made me into a interesting faith base Christian man. Which Noemi I am all that. And D said she waited and prayed for me. You told D about me in September 2021. And I didn’t meet her until January 2022. So thank you 😊 so much we are happy!!


Give things a chance to spark

Hi Tian,

I appreciate your checking in today. As I mentioned last time I would like to give things a chance to spark. I would like a happy hold with M.

Likes - church on Sunday, his relationship with God is priority, he has a hobby that he is dedicated to (competitive dance), he's super kind and considerate, pays attention to detail, makes a big effort, tall, great hygiene and a manicured beard, tattoos, well traveled, thinks about building a future, playful

Less like - in between jobs (currently interviewing) not a huge concern because he seems to be financially stable, not as healthy of an eater, night owl

I think the likes WAY outweigh the less likes, but I did not feel the chemistry right away. That is why I am wanting to give it a little more time. I am definitely attracted to M and look forward to seeing him, but I find myself holding back when we are in-person and in past my experience that is my intuition trying to tell me something. Please keep touching base.



She's great

I would like to place my membership on hold for right now, to keep seeing D. Shes great.

Thanks Hailie and keep up the awesome work! 🙂


I'm in no rush

Hello, yes, I would like to place my account on HAPPY HOLD.

My recent match, J is a really nice man, very easy to talk to, we seem to have similar interests and values, and we enjoy spending time together. We had lunch at a cute cafe in town, explored the botanical gardens, and have plans to go to a festival happening nearby this weekend - and more to come!! I'm in no rush but I'd like to see where this goes without the distraction of other potential relationships. Wish us luck, thank you so much!


I appreciate her authenticity

Hi Tian:
Please officially place my membership on Happy Hold.
What I appreciate and like about E is her authenticity and down to earth non judgmental nature. We laugh and share sincere thoughts and feelings together and enjoy the process of getting to know each other.
While we are exclusive with each other in terms of dating, we both have agreed to move slowly and let our initial attraction for each other to develop over time.

We talk for hours

Hello Noemi,

Thanks for reviewing my profile and connecting me to E. We seem to be in sync in most areas in life and I am happy with that. He is very respectful, wise, thoughtful and kind and is ready for a serious relationship. We talk for hours on end and are seeking the same things in a relationship and life; I couldn’t have imagined that we would have connected so quickly but we did. Thanks for being diligent in your work and bringing us together. Hopefully there will be more exciting news to share in the weeks ahead.

Thanks again and kind regards,


I could spend forever with her

Hope you're having a good day so far? What's up with you.

Hope you had a good weekend. Happy New year. I just wanted to let you know that I met A and went on an incredible date. We had a wonderful time at dinner. A is very beautiful and amazing sweet girl. I would really love to have a few more dates with her. I really could spend the rest of my life with that amazing sweet lady. I really like her amazing personality. I just wanted to share this special moment with you.

Such an amazing woman

Hello Lori,
I just wanted to say thanks again for the introduction to K. She is such an amazing woman (beautiful, driven, loving, etc). Knock on wood, so far things have been great & I definitely want to continue to getting to know her better.

Thanks again,