Hi Tian,

I appreciate your checking in today. As I mentioned last time I would like to give things a chance to spark. I would like a happy hold with M.

Likes – church on Sunday, his relationship with God is priority, he has a hobby that he is dedicated to (competitive dance), he’s super kind and considerate, pays attention to detail, makes a big effort, tall, great hygiene and a manicured beard, tattoos, well traveled, thinks about building a future, playful

Less like – in between jobs (currently interviewing) not a huge concern because he seems to be financially stable, not as healthy of an eater, night owl

I think the likes WAY outweigh the less likes, but I did not feel the chemistry right away. That is why I am wanting to give it a little more time. I am definitely attracted to M and look forward to seeing him, but I find myself holding back when we are in-person and in past my experience that is my intuition trying to tell me something. Please keep touching base.