February 15, 2011


Hey guys. I know this is probably not normal but the more Sherri and I spend time together, the more we seem to grow closer. Her qualities that I appreciate are that she is healthy, energetic, and ready to explore new things and adventures in life. So for now, her and I are just taking life on day at a time and see if our future will be a future together. Right now things are looking very good, but time will tell. Since the first day we met at Starbucks and started talking, I think we both realized that just a quick visit together was not enough. We ended up meeting at 11 am and stayed together until 9 pm that day. We have since spent 3 out of 4 days together and are planning to meet again tonight. The thing I like is that not only am I thinking about her during the day, but she is also thinking about me, so it's not just a one way relationship. We both feel the same desire to spend time with each other and that is a very good thing. So yes, please put my membership on hold and let's see of Sherri and I are like ships in the night, waiting and watching for a light to bring us home.