I feel alive!

Dear Matchmaking Team,

I am so glad I gave this venue a try before I completely lost hope on finding someone I was compatible with. You all made me feel welcomed from the very first phone call to what I am hoping is my last - since I am placing my membership on hold.

From the first date with my match K, it has been great. I feel alive and feel as though I have found what has been missing. We sometimes get busy with things, and with daily life, and forget to experience new things. K has an adventurous side which I love because I too am adventurous, but some things you just don’t want to do alone. K has been my plus one and is even up for family functions. After meeting him, I knew I didn’t want to look any further because I haven’t laughed in the past like I do now with him. I have had co-workers tell me they didn’t know I could smile so big!

He has a way of making me feel beautiful with or without words. My job and long hours have not scared him away or intimidated him, which is a plus. I love how kind and caring he is.  Yvonne has done a good job and I am so glad she was involved with matching K and I, we owe her big time.

Thanks to all at Matchmakers, but I am officially on hold and hopeful this is my happily ever after.



You all have made this a wonderful experience...

Please put my account on hold.  Heather is an amazing person and I would like to see where this goes.  We have very similar morals and values. Tons of things in common.

I understand why there are so many questions and an interview process now. You all have made this a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much.

Cross my fingers that Carl is the one...

Dear Jessica,

I am so thankful for all the help you have given me, and all the time you have spent finding me my matches. You are very talented - you always picked the best for me, and I know, hopefully soon, I will bring the biggest flower basket to thank you!  I agree to be on hold.

And cross my fingers that Carl is the one.  I cannot say anything but good and kind words about him.

With love and respect to you,


I have total faith after talking to you...


Thank you for the call and your encouragement.  In response to request to describe the qualities that I appreciate about Roya, it would be much easier to tell you what I don't appreciate because the list would be blank.

Roya is a charming, attractive, intelligent women with a great sense of humor.  She is warm and caring and it was clear that she can be passionate.  She is also artistic and loves many of the genres that I enjoy.  I'm looking forward to spending more time getting to know her and seeing if we are truly intended for each other.

Jessica you've shown me that you do have a sense for matching individuals, or at least finding someone that seems to be a match for me.  I really appreciate you reaching out to me to be sure I am comfortable with the process, and how much joy you expressed when we talked about my first date with Roya.  I have total faith after talking to you that you truly want to help me find the right person to spend the rest of my life with!

I do confirm that I would like to be placed on Happy Hold. Thanks again,


You did a great job matching us up!

Ray has been so much fun and we have so much in common. We are really enjoying getting to know each other and I only like to date one person at a time. Please put me on hold. You did a great job matching us up!


Each Match Got Better and Better

Gianni took a great amount of time to not only understand a lot about me, but to also understand the type of person that I would be interested in.

All of this became abundantly clear as we proceeded through the process -- each match got better and better. This kept me interested in the program and I always felt each match could be a great one.

Denise was a great fit from our first date. I was attracted to her and really appreciated her characteristics and personality as we have gone along. She was exactly the type of person I hoped to meet when I started with the program.

Great job Gianni! I will miss talking with and laughing with you.


I want to see if the spark is real...

Hi Jessica,

It’s been nice talking to you and while you seem nice, I’m sure that’s mainly because you are setting me up with women and that is exactly what I’m looking for right now.

Although we’ve only had the one date, I think I would like to see Beth again before being set up with somebody else so I guess I am confirming that yes, I would like to be put on hold for now. We seem to have a lot in common and I want to see if the spark is real.

Aside from being cute and having a great smile she seems smart, well-traveled which makes me jealous, she works hard to be able to play when she’s not working, and she just seems to have a great outlook on life.



The total package!

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for introducing me to Tara. She is intellectually stimulating, down to earth and very pretty. I am really looking forward to getting to know her better. You have done a great job for me these past months we have worked together. You have taken my feedback and used it successfully. I thank you and do wish to put my membership on hold as I explore positive adventures with Tara.



Thank you for your steady work...

Hi Jessica,

A few things about Jeannie: She's easy to talk to and doesn't put on airs. We can talk about anything -even politics, which we are on the same side.

I was first to ask for a hug on our first date and she was the first to say she wanted to kiss me on our second. We have talked on the phone several times and Saturday have been invited to come over to her house.

Jessica, I want to thank you for your steady work on finding dates for me and constant contact for follow up and support. I do want to put my membership on hold for now so I can concentrate on building a relationship with Jeannie.


You Are An Amazing Matchmaker

Hi Kyana,

I must say, you are an amazing matchmaker!

Not only are you great at what you do, but you also have an amazing and sweet personality that comes through every time we talk on the phone.  For all you have done for me, thank you!

Regarding my last match, Erin:

I must say she is simply great! I honestly forgot the last time I came across someone this sweet, genuine, classy, and beautiful in so many ways.  I feel lucky to have met her and I cannot wait to get to know her better.

As far as my membership is concerned, I would like to be placed on an immediate and indefinite hold—as I would like to focus exclusively on getting to know Erin.  Thank you!