Dear Matchmaking Team,

I am so glad I gave this venue a try before I completely lost hope on finding someone I was compatible with. You all made me feel welcomed from the very first phone call to what I am hoping is my last – since I am placing my membership on hold.

From the first date with my match K, it has been great. I feel alive and feel as though I have found what has been missing. We sometimes get busy with things, and with daily life, and forget to experience new things. K has an adventurous side which I love because I too am adventurous, but some things you just don’t want to do alone. K has been my plus one and is even up for family functions. After meeting him, I knew I didn’t want to look any further because I haven’t laughed in the past like I do now with him. I have had co-workers tell me they didn’t know I could smile so big!

He has a way of making me feel beautiful with or without words. My job and long hours have not scared him away or intimidated him, which is a plus. I love how kind and caring he is.  Yvonne has done a good job and I am so glad she was involved with matching K and I, we owe her big time.

Thanks to all at Matchmakers, but I am officially on hold and hopeful this is my happily ever after.