We are so happy together

I want a happy hold.

M is an amazing woman and everything I was looking for, she's fun to be with, likes to try new adventures, loves to have fun, very open and honest, loves romance too, we are very happy with each other.

Finding him makes it all worth it!

Good Morning,

I am writing because I have changed my mind completely about accepting another match at this time.

D had been politely & persistently contacting me expressing that he would like to go “steady” with me and he asked me why I would not because he stated that he was “all in” to continue with me while on Happy Hold! He asked me so gentleman-like, to share anything that stood in the way of growing our relationship. I began going through the list of my apprehension ( I was experiencing some anxieties-part from my health & part just from my experience since my divorce). He and I worked through all and he poured out his sweet heart to me about his own divorce. We bonded over those experiences.

After hours of conversation I went home and the next morning I had a lightning bolt or “Ahh-ha” moment come over me. It’s as if I was literally struck by Cupid’s bow! I came to full realization that this man, D, truly loved me, cares deeply about me and displayed it in his many actions. I also knew he was a very intelligent, handsome man that I really missed and then realized I had taken him through too much already!! I understood that I had better wise up or I would lose this magnificent man!!

Honestly, I was initially scared to invest in a matchmaking program and did not want to continue with dating! I would not allow myself to believe that you as a company, had actually given me a great introduction right off the start!

Once I had that revolutionary moment, I did NOT care! I wanted to be with D and did not want to lose him!!!

So it’s official as of this weekend and having had a great time together at my niece’s wedding, that I definitely want to go on HAPPY HOLD to be with this fabulous guy!!!!

Thank you for being so patient with me & for finding D!!!