March 31, 2012

Hi Donni,

Per my email of 3/26, I want to put my membership on hold. I appreciate many qualities about Mike - his sincerity, his intellect, his humor and the fact that he's physically fit. My experience with you has been limited but so far it's been a good experience. You've been delightful and I believe you are working to find the best matches for me.

Thank you,

March 26, 2012

Renay was very attractive to me when I first saw her. She was dressed perfectly and when we first began talking her self confidence and warmth really came thru. I found her most interesting and honestly open with me. She didn't seem to show any pretense in her personality but came across as warm and sincere. I am very please with her and we've both decided to let the relationship grow without interference from other matches for the time being. Therefore we've asked for the membership to be placed on hold.
The service, as you might imagine with a hit on the first try, is very good.

March 24, 2012

Thanks for being my matchmaker! I find you to be responsive, respective, upbeat, encouraging. I have no patience and of course wanted to find Mr. Right out of the starting gate. Didn't happen, but the men you referred to me were nice -- just nothing in common and not for me.
Mike seems to have the qualities I'm looking for in a potential husband -- I'm excited that he too wants to get to know me and we are both taking it slow. So I'm requesting my membership be put on hold until I let you know otherwise.
First glance at Mike walking toward me was great -- he doesn't look 66.  Very nice looking and nice smile.
My priorities:
Christian -- yes!  He has a wonderful heart for God
Talkative -- yes!  He talked almost as much as me and is good at sharing and listening.
Open & honest -- Yes!  Also says loyal, which is important for me!
Active -- Yes!  Although he is currently a workaholic he enjoys lots of activities and many the same as me.  He has played tennis in the past and is willing to give it another try (not that it's a deal breaker but could be interesting).  He used to be a runner (not me).  We both love the water and he has a boat.  We both love theatre and music and animals.
Thus far we've talked almost 3 hours and I have no negatives or red flags to be of concern.  I'm really excited!
Previously I was concerned that you wouldn't be able to find someone with the qualities I am looking for.  I am very particular and won't settle for second-best.  If I have to remain single, so be it.  But I kept praying that God would have the right someone sign up for the program.  I sincerely hope that's Mike -- so far so good.  We definitely have a lot in common and now we need to have some time to get to know one another.
Have a great week, wonderful Easter -- and hopefully I won't be calling you any time soon!

March 22, 2012

Some of the qualities I appreciated about Les is that he is interested in me and shows his concern and I know would do anything within his power to assist if possible.  He is kind, considerate, trustworthy and is a true gentlemen.   All of the men I’ve been introduce to have been true gentlemen.  They shown utmost consideration for me and have been interesting to talk to.  I seem to have a lot in common with each gentleman and I can communicate with each one without any trouble.  I have three men that quite possibly will get back to me.  I know that Les will and I think Ray will, but I’m not sure about Bryce.  I think for now, that I need to concentrate on getting to know these men better.  Please put me on hold for a while.

March 17, 2012

Hi Nicole,
Mike has a great sense of humor. He is articulate, very intelligent, educated, and  a great dancer.   He's self-assured. yet modest about his accomplishments.  He's fun to be with, and makes me laugh!   He appears to be very financially secure.
My Yorkie loves him......and he didn't appear to like any of the other matches  - of the ones who I had in my home.    This man just might be a "keeper".
Until Mike, I'd been terribly disappointed in the men picked for me.   After you got to know me, Nicole, I think that you were trying to do your best at matching me up. 
I do want to place my membership on hold and get to really know this man.
Thank you, Nicole!

March 15, 2012

Hello Megan,

Thank you for follow up. I am very happy and appreciated the service you had provided. I am very much enjoying the current relationship with Angela, so please on hold my membership for now.  I will give you the update and let you know if I have any questions.
   Thanks,    Raymond

March 9, 2012

My encounter with Renae was over breakfast at a local establishment.  At your request I had made contact with Renae simply to meet her and to get to know a little more about her as an individual.  She is extremely honest and straight forward in her approach to meeting people with no sugar-coating.   She is very personable, fun to be with and has a great sense of humor.  I look forward to getting to know her better over dinners and evenings out.
My experience was questionable at first.  But as time wore on the dating service became a little closer to home.  I was wondering how some of the matches were made but even with a list of likes and dislikes I realize it is hard to put two people together and balance personalities.  Each date was a surprise with an unknown.  It was fun meeting new people and to see what was behind door # 1 ?
At the present time I would like to suspend (put on hold)  the dating membership as I would like to get to know different aspects of Renae in greater detail.  I do not want to try to juggle a series of different relationships while getting to know Renae.
Donni, you did a great job in following up with me to determine my likes, wants and needs to see if you were on target with providing quality individuals.  I appreciate your determination to make my experience with others rewarding and comfortable.  You were professional and personable.  Thank you.

March 6, 2012


Here are some of the qualities I appreciate about Dan.  He is very sweet and kind which is so rare nowadays.  We can sit quietly together and the silence doesn't have to be filled in nor are we uncomfortable with one another.  He is spontaneous as well because he got off early from work and came and picked me up and we went to dinner at a restaurant I have been to three times and never had a meal in because the wait was so long.  It was fabulous! Food was terrific and just the fact that he thought of that meant he listens with both his head and his heart.  What a wonderful man...

Donni you are wonderful and so very gracious even when I was ready to give up. You prompted me to keep going and I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to be on my side who always listened and took the time to understand my needs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will keep you posted on my relationship with Dan (we've been out three times so far and today all day.  It was lovely.) but for now I would like to place my membership on hold.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Donni!



March 14, 2012

We went to breakfast and she seemed like a very nice person so we a few days later went out to a club and hat a nice time. She is a very down to earth person. She is the perfect size and quite nice looking with a great attitude.
My experience with you has been good so far and I think it’s a good thing. I am also Confirming I would like to put my membership on hold for 6 months.