He is a gem

N is so nice and I am enjoying getting to know him and he is a gem. We are having a good time and I never expected it to be someone like N. It is amazing how the dogs love him and he is so good with them too. We are financially and politically aligned. He is a gem he really is. He is hilarious and so smart. We are having fun. I really do like him. He is Jewish and will even go to church with me. He wants to travel and that is great with me. At my age it seems silly and strange but it is fun. I do like N a lot.

This is uncanny

I feel as if we have known each other for a long time in a short time, which we both feel is uncanny. We have similar values and a wonderful physical attraction.

It's silly, but it's true

This may sound silly but D takes care of animals and rescues, and I have an affinity for dogs. My whole life, they come up to me and want me to pet them and they trust me. She saw this and I think this helped her to trust me too. We fit together politically, intellectually, economically. Politically we are perfectly aligned. We are talking and having conversations and hugging and all the things normal people do. I like her mind. We have spent time telling each other our life stories, we have similar interests and it is very very comfortable.

It was love at first sight

I would like to thank Lori for introducing me to A. It was love at first sight and I am so grateful to have him in my life. We have a lot in common, similar personality traits and interests, and we have common values and long term goals. A and I have ben together for six and a half months now. He is working on moving in with me and has asked my dad for permission to marry me. I have met his entire family and get along with them very well. I cannot wait for them to become a part of my family officially. A told me he loved me after only one month of dating. I love that he doesn't play mind games and has always been extremely open and honest with me since the beginning. The more time I spend with him the more time I want to be with him. I cannot wait to marry this man and have children with him. Thank you again, Lori!

We're totally compatible

We have a lot in common. We have fun together. We enjoy some of the same hobbies and passing the time. Our ages are similar and we live close together. We have so much in common. Our expectations for a relationship are also the same. Our compatability is 100 percent off the charts.

She checks all the boxes

F checks all the boxes. A very loving, caring Christian Lady, Fun to be out with, and with a beautiful voice to match. Matchmaking couldn’t have done any better for me. Compared to F, the last two ladies you lined up just don’t measure up at all. I am very pleased with F.

I just want to spend more time with him

S is so much fun to be with. I enjoy his sense of humor and life stories. He is very intelligent, well mannered, kind, thoughtful, and interesting. His children adore him and he was very committed to his ex-wife. We share similar values and beliefs and we enjoy many of the same activities. We have had a lot of fun getting to know each other. He is everything and more than I had hoped for in a man! Thank you Felicity for listening to me and being patient in finding such a great match. I have no interest in seeing anyone else at this time as I just want to spend more time with S and see how our relationship develops.

I want to focus on him

Hello Jesse,
I saw you had called while I happened to be spending some time with E. I am very much enjoying his company. Good job as far as an introduction. I think I am going to decline any new introductions at this time. I'd like to focus on getting to know E a little better.
I will certainly keep in touch and check back with you soon.
Best regards,

We're crazy about each other

We are crazy about each other. Expect the least out of this encounter and have experienced the most. My matchmaker Jesse hit the mark. It's been a great experience. My girl checked all the boxes. I love her attitude that it's Her time in life to Enjoy.

I am so incredibly happy

I am so incredibly happy with the introduction you set me up with. On our very first date we connected and had a wonderful conversation. She got me right away and it was a wonderful feeling.