You can officially put me on hold!

Hi Jess!

Just wanted to let you know how it was going with “L”.  As you know we had our first opportunity to meet at the beginning of January. My initial call to introduce myself was a little awkward but we met and had a great dinner.  We immediately hit It off and texted each other quite a few times.

A week later, partially as a joke I invited her to learn to rappel!  Date #2 was hysterical and we both survived!  We finished the date at a brewery where we really had a chance to talk and get to know each other while not hanging off the side of a cliff!

We have joked many times that what we couldn't accomplish individually in more than one decade of trying, our matchmaker was able to do in ONE DATE!  I need to wrap this up as we are going Kayaking this weekend and I have some packing to do!  Just a brief list of things I love about her: She's very smart, very pretty and as easy going as I am.  She has a sense of adventure and is always up to try new things.  Even though she isn't experienced in most of the crazy things I like to do, she has incredible insight and never fails to communicate to me how she feels. The coolest thing about her in my opinion is that she has every excuse in the world to be pretentious, her looks, her success, education, but she just isn't!  Oh, and I love her accent!   You can officially put me on "Hold" and I will do my best to hold on to “L”!

Thank you for everything!


Good job

Hello, this is “E”

I want to be put on Happy Hold.

This is because you introduced me to “S”- she also notified you to place her on hold.

I've been working on finding the best person for the rest of my life, so I was waiting.  Chaep'n found me the perfect match!  Thank you so much, good job.

It’s 13 days since our first date, and we will have our 7th and 8th dates this weekend.

Good job.

~ “E”

My first introduction was PERFECT


Please place my name on your “Happy Hold” list. “J”, my first introduction was perfect. Everything I am looking for.  I got the impression that she was satisfied also and am trying to set up a second date to let us get better acquainted.

Due to my schedule it has been difficult for me to establish a good day to meet again but I am working on it.

Thanks for your wonderful service.  More than I really expected and am extremely pleased with this first and who knows maybe the last introduction needed!!

Thanks again.


I am looking forward to the future...


I do want to put my membership on hold because “D” and I have decided to be exclusive. He is the perfect person for me. We have many commonalities and have similar personalities. He is attractive, kind, loyal, social, fun, and has many good friends. He is probably the most normal guy that I have ever dated.

I am looking forward to the future with him and am so very happy that I met him.


I appreciate your work on my behalf...

Hi Raquel,

I found “J” to be genuinely interesting, and interested. I liked that she was active as a swimmer and bicycler, which are a couple of things that we have in common. A big plus was that she was confident and relaxed, and didn't seem to be trying too hard to make an impression. She definitely has the personality I am attracted to.

I appreciate your work on my behalf and believe you're beginning to figure out what I'm looking for, so you have me feeling hopeful.

Please proceed with my hold. I will be in touch.



So far, so good!


This is “S” and I want to thank you personally, Chaep'n, for matching me with “E”!!!!!

I want to be put on Happy Hold with him so I can continue to get to know him better. So far, so good!

I am having a great time and hope it continues. So glad you suggested he call me. I know it took a little persuasion!!

Thank you!


You have been very helpful...


This reply is to confirm that I want to put my account on hold.

In reference to "K", she has many qualities that I like.  She is a very passionate woman and is not afraid to express her feelings.  She also likes affection as I do.  We connect intellectually and have already had some very good discussions about our lives, etc. I feel we are both interested in seeing where this goes and I look forward to getting to know her better and hopefully finding my life partner.

Jess...I can say that you have been very helpful in explaining how things work with your company but also have been a very good listener in reference to my ideas and priorities.  And I thank you for that.


You no longer have to look for a match for me....

Hello Jess,

The last match that you made for me is "M".  We have hit it off well and are getting to know each other.  I, personally, would like to put my membership on hold or whatever status you should give it.

You no longer should have to look for a next match for me.  “M” is a wonderful lady.  I was concerned that since she is new to your service and I was her first match, I didn't want to be an obstacle to her having future matches.  But, I think, she feels she has hit the "jackpot" so-to-speak on the first match.  I certainly feel that way about her.

Thank you for introducing “M” to me!

Take care and thanks, again.



Thank you, Matchmakers!

Thank you, Matchmakers, and a special thank you to Chaep’n.  Linda and I have connected and are getting to know and enjoy each other’s company.

Please put our account on Happy Hold so that we can continue to grow and get to know each other.


Another request for Happy Hold :-)

Hi Sabrina,

Yes, I would like to put a hold on my membership. Keith is a very special man. Lots of fun to be with. I felt comfortable with him right away. We are having a great time together.