We have things in common

K is an interesting woman, and she has had an interesting life. We have things to talk about, like her Master Gardener hobby which relates to my landscape irrigation career.

You matched me with someone incredible

First, let me say that it was the relationship with my matchmaker Felicity that made all of this possible. She was totally 100% invested. She listened, was responsive, got to know me on a personal level. So much so that we developed real trust. I trusted her to match me with someone incredible. Which she did. T is the total package of a person, of a woman. She is beautiful and intelligent. Kind yet strong. Gentle yet driven. I mean my god...where did you find her?! I am excited for what the future holds and excited to explore all things with T. Thank you very much!

He's exactly what I'm looking for

Thank you so much for introducing me to A. He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. The last two months have been the healthiest start to a relationship I’ve ever had. I am eager to see what our future holds and am hopeful that this is the love of my life.

Thanks again!!!

I knew after the first date

When I started this journey I was hoping to meet someone who would be for me, my person. I tried to be specific about my preferences but I was also open. When I was matched, I was optimistic but nervous about who I’d be matched with. I honestly know that D is my person because a match like this can only happen once.

Out matchmaker listened, and so did we. After our first date I knew that he was my person and that I didn’t want to go on any other dates. This is not an easy task to accomplish. I’m 41 and this is the first time in my life that I feel equally matched.

We didn't know what love truly was

You matched me with B in January of this year. We have been going strong ever since then. We both have said to each other that we really didn’t know what Love truly was until we met each other. We’re both so much in Love! ❤️

We seem well matched!

Hi Alicia,

Yes, I'd like to be on happy hold. L and I seem to be well matched. We are alike in our spiritual lives, and we both live active lifestyles. In the next few weeks we will find out a bit more…thanks!

It's a match!

He’s funny and athletic. He's driven, and I appreciate that he's family-oriented and good with kids. Thank you for introducing me to a smart and interesting man. It’s a match!

Very thankful I've met her

I think it’s nice we both have older kids and there similar in a lot of ways. We have same travel experiences and desire to continue to travel abroad. Great to get together with a woman successful and educated. Bonus she is beautiful and fit. Very thankful I’ve met her.

We booked a cruise together!

I am dating a fantastic man now and we have booked a 2 week cruise to Alaska in September. We are very happy and are building our relationship. We were immediately attracted to each other and are getting to know each other better every day.

Be patient and things will happen

My matchmaker Stacey is wonderful! I am following the advice... be patient and things will happen. My match is a great guy, such a gentleman and so caring!!! we will see what the future brings for us! Thank you Stacey!!!