• July 30, 20140 min

    Donni is a lovely, outgoing person.  I know she tried hard to find me someone compatible. Just as I was losing all hope, I was introduced to Kevin.Kevin is a kind, sweet, generous, charming gentleman.  He truly is.  Who knew they still existed?  We’re still getting to know each other, [...]

  • July 27, 20142 min

    Megan, Here are my comments in response to your message. 1.  After you gave me Sharon's phone number, I called her that night.  We talked for about an hour and set a dinner date for the next night which was Saturday.  We met at a Village Inn not far from her home.  [...]

  • July 25, 20141 min

    Lucy, Well I am happy to say veronica and i have a lot in common. She is a solid woman with good strong family values. I look forward to getting to now more about each other and build a strong foundation to build are life on with trust honesty and [...]

  • July 22, 20140 min

    Chelsea, Yes I’d like to be placed on hold. Brenda is a very nice lady with very high regards to family, work, and taking care of herself. She is a honest person and very easy to be with and to talk to… love her southeastern accent! WE have seen each [...]

  • July 22, 20141 min

    Hello Lucy, Its been a trying time finding a match, we have been through some interesting meetings and I have a lot of stories to tell my family and friends. You have been patient in dealing with my frustration. I am glad you always kept your cool and kept trying [...]

  • July 21, 20140 min

    Keiland, Yes, I would like to place my membership on hold. Patti has a nice personality, not too mellow nor too hyper. We seem to have a lot in common and she is also really cute, I don't see how one could improve on this match. For the most part [...]

  • July 19, 20140 min

    Marie Liz and I had a wonderful lunch. She is a very smart and strong, just what I like, and attractive, too. I need some time to get to know her. Earle

  • July 17, 20140 min

    Hi Megan. Please place my matchmaking membership on hold as would like to get to know Stephanie. The qualities I see in her are sereneness, athletic, professional intrigue, confident as well as attractive. Thanks, Nathan

  • July 16, 20142 min

    Hey Megan and Keiland, I hope your summer is going well. Sorry I missed your call earlier today. You must be a mind-reader because I had planned to call you tonight. Yes, Barb and I have been on 3 "in-person" dates now and have spoken on several other occasions. I'm [...]

  • July 15, 20140 min

    Chelsea, Yes I’d like to be placed on hold. Brenda is a very nice lady with very high regards to family, work, and taking care of herself. She is a honest person and very easy to be with and to talk to…love her southeastern accent! WE have seen each other [...]

  • July 15, 20140 min

    Marie, Celia is a warm hearted, intelligent, and a great mother to her children, she is someone that i would like get to now better, unfortunately she is leaving on a long vacation out of the country. i will not be going on hold at this time. Sincerely Tim

  • July 14, 20140 min

    Chelsea, First of all she is a conservative and that is important to me and probably to her but I haven't asked that. She is attractive and we have Scandinavian roots and that helps. You as an individual were responsive each time I asked a question so - thank you [...]

  • July 14, 20140 min

    Hi Marie Jose seems very nice. Kind of laid back and quiet. He is very attractive. He was a little nervous. But we did decide to see each other again. Hopefully it goes well. Please put my account on hold for now. I will contact you after our next date [...]

  • July 14, 20140 min

    Hi Marie. Carolina has the family values i am looking for and she is very beautiful, sweet, and lots of fun to be around her. She has a big heart and she is an amazing person. Thank you. Sam

  • July 11, 20141 min

    Hello Megan: I was glad to be introduced to Walter! After two rather disappointing matches, I was so surprised to be matched with someone like him. Walter is a laid back, gentle and thoughtful person who is emotionally open and honest. He is a hard worker and works in the [...]

  • July 10, 20140 min

    Hi Marie! Thank you for being such an awesome matchmaker for me! I do want to confirm taking a break so I can give my new match some quality time! I couldn't get through the yelp process ...sorry... So if you have a way to let the world know that [...]

  • July 10, 20140 min

    Marie, Regarding Linda, she is nice looking, intelligent with a great since of humor, i would also like to say that ca. singles is doing such a great job at matching me with such lovely ladies, and Marie has went out of her way to make sure this happens, what [...]

  • July 7, 20141 min

    Marie:This confirms that I would like my membership to be put on hold.Roberta's first impression is of a little jewel, with her copper red hair, shiny nails, and bright clothes. But appearances deceive. Beneath that glitter is a lady who has endured much hardship, but has somehow managed to come [...]

  • July 7, 20140 min

    Hi Marie,This is to alert you that things are going well with Ann , and I would like to move to hold status while we explore this more.Thanks for your help, Marie!

  • July 7, 20141 min

    Hi Marie, We got busy yesterday so didn't get to write you back.  Bill is a very nice person and easy to talk to.  He is in Marin County which is a plus.  I really only want dates in Marin or Sonoma County as the other places are just too far [...]

  • July 6, 20141 min

    Hello Marie, Effective immediately, please put my subscription on hold as I am enjoying spending time with Steve and getting to know him better. There are so many great qualities about him that I like: he's smart, funny and attractive. He is very respectful of me and my needs, always [...]

  • July 4, 20140 min

    Keiland, Well he’s kind ,attentive to me ,crazy about me , we just finished going to Summer fest about 3 days in a row. Note all for Free, Yah!! He has to drive up from Salem any time he want’s to see me, and he does. he’s a gentleman, loves [...]